The selfie has become the most popular way to share exciting moments in your life, so why not let your pet do the same? Try taking a selfie from your pet’s point of view! Taking the perfect photo can seem a little daunting, but with our no-fail tips you can master the cutest pet selfie ever.



Angling your camera or phone higher usually provides the best angle. If you can get your pet to spread out belly-up, even better! Some of the cutest pet selfies are taken in a casual, relaxed manner when your pet is just lazing around. At home lounging on the couch? At the park lazing in the grass? Capture the moment! Follow these steps for the relaxed selfie:

  • When your pet is laying comfortably with their belly in the air, stand or kneel over them and face your camera or phone downwards
  • Gently extend and prop up one of their legs with one of your hands
  • Brace your phone or camera on the paw in the air, angled down towards your pet, and begin snapping shots as quickly as possible
  • Make sure to keep talking to your pet to keep their focus on you!
  • The relaxed selfie is a great shot for the beginner pet photographer, however, a rowdy pet is difficult to photograph, so try giving your pet plenty of exercise first.



Ask your pet to sit and give you their paw for the perfect “classic selfie.” The classic method is best utilized to
capture your pet doing anything and everything as the opportunities for backgrounds are endless. However, this method can be difficult to use, so be patient with your pet as it may take a few attempts. The classic selfie is a slightly trickier method, so try these steps to succeed:

  • Kneel in-front of your pet
  • Command your pet to sit
  • Ask your pet for their paw and hold it gently, making sure your hand is out of the photo frame
  • Snap your photos quickly with your other hand, calling your pet’s name so that their eyes are on you. Try placing a treat between your phone/camera and your hand to ensure that your pet is looking directly at the camera
  • Use this selfie method when out with your pet to capture the cutest photos at the park, at a friend’s place, on walks, etc.
  • Play with lighting! Taking photos in the early morning or when the sun is setting often provides great lighting, no filter needed. When possible, take photos outdoors or near a window as natural lighting often looks best. Alternatively, you can play with indoor lighting to reduce shadows.


If your pet is a glamorous animal, perhaps the close-up selfie is a good option to consider. Getting a full shot of your pet’s face can often lead to adorably confused selfies that are a natural reflection of your pet’s personality. Try these tips for the perfect close-up selfie:

  • Approach your pet when they are laying down or sitting comfortably
  • Bring your phone or camera close enough to your pet’s face that minimal background is visible
  • Hold a treat about a foot away, and slightly higher than your phone with your other hand to keep your pet interested
  • Snap quickly to avoid a blurry photo, as your pet may lose interest



The silly selfie can be taken anytime you want a fun and memorable photo of your pet. By using any props that you have on hand, you can create unique and fun photos. Try sunglasses, funky glasses, hats, bows, etc. to make a statement. Tips to take a great silly selfie:

  • Familiarize your pet with whatever prop you are using by letting them sniff, paw at, or wear it for short periods of time
  • Choose your selfie type beforehand, get your pet settled in position, and then add in the prop
  • Take the photos quickly, as your pet will probably not tolerate the prop for long



Some things to try and avoid when taking the pet selfie:

  • Do not force you pet to hold positions or wear props if he or she is not comfortable
  • Try and avoid frustration if your pet does not cooperate, not all animals enjoy selfies as much as you do!
  • Patience will get you the perfect shot, so do not get discouraged
  • Share it!


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