Blogging can seem like a scary thing to take on when you’re already so busy with your pet boarding and daycare facility. Your day to day pet business takes up a lot of your time! A blog can be a very worthwhile tool-it can act as a means of advertising and a way to set your business apart as a leader in your industry. Still not convinced? Here are 5 simple reasons why your business should get blogging today:



You’re proud of your boarding and daycare facility, you should show it off! Writing posts about your business can involve more than just words. Include pictures and fun videos in each post to show customers the ins and outs of your facility. Do you have a great acreage, luxurious kennels, or a doggy spa? Post about them! Use your blog to talk to your customers and tell them about the features that your facility offers and why these features are great for their pet. Your current and future customers can get to know your facility and the people behind it through the content that you post on your webpage.



Your blog is a great place to show your customers that you have a fantastic knowledge base and invite them to turn to you for advice and information. As a kennel/daycare facility, you have vast amounts of information about pet care, grooming, behaviour modification, dog training, etc. so use it to your advantage! Create blog posts that inform and educate your clients about the best ways to care for their pets. Share your tips and tricks. Your blog will become more diverse and keyword rich when you post on different topics, and your expert advice will be easily shared to different social media platforms. Blogging your advice makes your business stand out as an expert in your industry.



A blog can help your pet boarding and daycare business to gain attention and build an online presence. If you enhance your website with engaging and quality posts, people who enjoy them will share them on social media. When clients share your content, you are encouraging social proof filled interactions between people. The best way to gain positive attention for your business is to let your customers do the sharing for you! Your business can get more attention from potential customers without paying more for your marketing because of the positive social media attention that your blog and website receives.



If you post about places, products, and events in your local area, your blog can actually help you to develop a good relationship with the customers that will visit your establishment the most. Blogging affords your business the opportunity to engage with the community and develop a local presence. Why is this helpful? Businesses who blog naturally drive more traffic to their website, but businesses who engage with their local area develop bonds with their customers based on trust-which translates to more loyal customers.



Blogging on a frequent basis shows that your business is current. Without new content on your social media and webpage, potential customers might view stagnant page as a sign that your business is not interested in updating your customers and interacting with the community. Blogging on a regular basis does not have to be stringent or stressful. Do what works for your business! If you have time to post several times a week then do so, if you only have time once a month then that’s ok too. Any regular updates to the content on your website will attract and engage your customers.


Blogging can be time consuming and difficult. Using good keywords, understanding SEO ratings, and developing a clean writing style all take time to do well-and ProPet understands that. If you enjoy any of our blog articles, feel free to share them to your website or social media using #propetblog. Have any questions about blogging or getting started? Post them in the comments below-we’d love to talk to you!