You brace yourself for the chaos. You finally figured out the perfect setup for your facility and all the dogs have been scheduled for the weekend, so there’s nothing to worry about there. You get a call from a regular customer in a panic; they need emergency boarding. With some space still available, you gladly take in their pup, but now you have to move things around.


One of the most challenging aspects of running a pet business that balances boarding, daycare and grooming, is finding some way to schedule it all. How many times have you accepted a reservation without checking your facility capacity, only to have to scramble at the last minute to fit them in? Finding the perfect configuration for your kennels can feel like a game of Tetris, and you just don’t have time for games anymore.


You want your pet business to run as smoothly as possible. The extra time you have should be spent caring for your four-legged guests, not trying to figure out how to schedule them. A pet business is a fast-paced environment. Dogs are all over the place; constantly being switched between kennels, taken on walks, groomed, or any number of activities your facility may offer. With all of this shuffling around, it is hard to keep track, and optimizing your schedule to maximize your kennel usage is a whole other ball game.




Source: Best Friend Bed and Biscuit


Your kennels are full and everything is looking great, when you suddenly need to make a change. A busy kennel is a happy kennel, but when you have dogs regularly coming and going, moving from kennel to kennel, it can get a little hectic. Maybe you accidentally placed a pup next to one they don’t get along with. Now you have to change things around again. Our drag and drop feature allows you to effortlessly change a dog’s kennel right from the kennel view without completely rethinking the schedule.


With Kennel View 2.0, ProPet has made scheduling pups into kennels a walk in the park! When you’re looking to schedule a particular booking, it’s easy to see all the available spaces. More often than not, a specific kennel won’t be available for the entirety of a reservation, which makes scheduling complicated. However, with the new split booking feature, you can assign a dog to different kennels throughout the duration of their stay. ProPet’s new Kennel View 2.0 makes scheduling stress-free and allows you get back to caring for the pups!




Your groomers are a busy bunch and sometimes when a customer books their request for a specific time, it just doesn’t line up with the schedule. Focusing solely on your customers’ requests can create gaps in your schedule that ultimately contribute to a loss of time, resources, and potential revenue.


Optimize your schedule by determining time frames for your customers to choose from while you schedule the appointment. This way your groomers will be able to fit every client in without awkward gaps in their day. Your customers will appreciate the time you take to care for their pets and you will still be able to manage your pet facility without wasting time or resources.






Now that you have your kennels booked and your grooming appointments scheduled, what about your additional services? Things like extra walks, nail trims and training sessions can be overlooked and lost in all the chaos. Rather than digging through a file or trying to locate a lost kennel card, ProPet’s integrated services calendar makes it easy to find pet details right on your dashboard. You can toggle between daily, weekly, and monthly views to get a better picture of how many services have been scheduled, for which dog, and what tasks have been assigned to each staff member. Everything you need to know is easy to find right on your dashboard.



How many times have you been caught up in the hustle and bustle of your day and have forgotten to send a reminder email to your customers? Have you ever forgotten to update someone about their reservation or had your customer show up with their pets’ vaccination not up to date? There is so much going on during your day, sometimes these things just seem to slip your mind.


Avoid no shows, optimize your check-in process, and keep your customers up to date with an automated email reminder system. With ProPet, you can schedule reminder emails to be sent out before a booking or before a vaccination expires, so it’s easy to make sure customers stay up to date with reservations, vaccinations, bookings and any other services you offer. Just choose when you’d like to remind your customers, and the rest is done for you. Your focus can remain on the pups, while your customers are also taken care of.


Scheduling doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you’re equipped with the right tools. If you find that you’re having trouble staying organized, try out some different scheduling techniques to keep your kennel running smoothly. ProPet makes it easy to focus on the pets in your care. We want you to spend time doing what you love, rather than stressing about scheduling and organization. Get back to the reason you started your pet business. Have fun with your guests and let ProPet take care of the rest.