We are very excited to announce our new blog series that will be launching next week called “How to Effectively Communicate with Your Customers”. This blog series is for pet business owners who are either struggling with their customer relationships or want to improve them. It can be difficult to find the best way to communicate with your customers without wasting too much of your time. We will focus on discussing how to successfully manage communication and interactions with your customers, while saving you time so you can get back to doing what you love.


The most important factor to consider when dealing with customer communication is knowing your customers and their preferences. A 2017 marketing survey revealed that 72% of customers selected email as one of their contact preferences, while 29% selected text messages and 26% selected phone calls. Keeping this in mind, consider your own customers. Do you notice a similar pattern?


Consider asking your customers outright what their preferred method of contact is. They will feel valued that you are taking your time to consider what is most convenient for them and not just yourself. Knowing your customers and their preferences can make a world of difference, not only with communication, but with your business overall.


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