It’s been quite a while since we’ve shown off our amazing customers, so we figured it was high time to get back to it. This month’s customer spotlight is owner of Dakotah’s Doggy Daycare, Hotel and Spa, John Madsen.


After traveling across the Midwest and boarding his own dogs at facilities across the country for many years, John decided to step away from his career as a bank executive to start a new adventure in the pet care business, helping pets and families in his community. This adventure was sparked by his two dogs, Dakotah and Zeus. He always dreamed of the perfect facility for his two pups and when he returned to his roots in Elk River, MN, he decided to make that dream a reality. But this wasn’t just any pet care facility, John had some very specific requirement for his dream facility, that catered to both pet and their parents.


ProPet: Why did you get into the pet business?

John: I wanted to do something that fed my soul.  There was a great need for our services in my town.


ProPet: What is the most fulfilling part of your day?

John: Talking to owners who are thankful that we are a resource they can count on to give their dogs as good of care as they give them.


ProPet: What is your favourite part of each day?

John: Watching a new dog become integrated into a play group, and enjoying the freedom of just being a dog.


ProPet: What are some challenges that you face?

John: Getting the word out that we are open, what we do, and introducing people to the concept of doggy daycare.


ProPet: What has ProPet changed about the way that you run your business?

John: We started with ProPet when we opened.  It’s so easy to use that we could focus on other aspects of our business, rather than spending a lot of time teaching staff how to use the computer.  The support is great!  They get back to me fast, and their support helps me run my business better.



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