We’re very excited to share with you some of the significant updates we’ve launched this month so far. With October just being in it’s beginning days, we’ll have more exciting updates to share with you throughout the month.

At ProPet, we thrive to have the best possible solution for our customers, so we take our updates and new features seriously when implementing them into our software. We truly have our customers in mind, so it can be the most user-friendly and innovative software for all dog boarding and daycare owners, groomers and trainers.


It is now possible to prevent customers set as an ‘Additional Contact’ from creating new accounts if their email is already in the system. If the email is already in the system, they will be prompted to contact the facility.


To enable this setting go to: Settings> General Settings> Online Booking Options.



In addition to boarding, daycare, grooming, private training and group classes agreements, it is now possible to prompt users to sign an agreement when they request a standalone service.

You can set these agreements by going to: Settings> Forms> Agreements.



It is now possible for an icon to be triggered when there is a schedulable service for that day. E.g. If there is a daycare with a scheduled grooming for that day, the icon will appear on the daycare and boarding dashboard as well as in the day summary pets report.

You are able to individually set which services trigger this icon by going to: Settings> Rates> Addons and other services> Select the rate you’d like to show on the the dashboard> Show icon on daycare and boarding dashboard; Change from No to Yes.


image (2)


It is now possible to create ongoing schedules for Grooming, Training and Additional services!

You will be able to set up a schedule for customers that come into your establishment at a set frequency (repeat weekly to every 12 weeks), choosing your service, preferred staff (or any). These scheduled bookings will appear on the calendar, on the scheduled events report, availability tab, day summary for grooming report and will take into account the availability of your service providers. Your customers are able to see their next scheduled service on their account through the customer portal. You will be able to create a schedule directly from the “Book Now” menu. The ongoing schedules report now allows you to choose per service and see the different created schedules

image (3)

Note: Ongoing Schedules AND the time slot picker need to be enabled on your account to be able to create these schedules. If you wish to enable any of these settings or have any questions about this feature send us a help request using the “Help?” button on the left bottom corner of your account.