When you own a pet business, there are plenty of factors you have to take into consideration when trying to implement a plan to help run your business efficiently. One of the main, and most important factors you have to keep in mind is finding a kennel software that will help you manage your day-to-day tasks. With the endless possibilities, and numerous ways to manage your dog boarding business, finding a software to fit your needs may seem like an impossible decision, but; with our hundreds of happy customers, we’ll tell you why dog business owners love using ProPet Software.





 “We ADORE the ability for clients to schedule appointments online. It has cut down on our phone calls and encourages people to make appointments instead of just walking in.”


We take the phone-tagging and the endless number of voicemails out of your way with our easy online booking system. This allows for your customers to book online, from anywhere, at any time. We want you to be able to spend more time with your furry guests, and less time by your phone. Our customer portal is easy to navigate and allows your customers to create online profiles, request/edit/cancel reservations, and with our integrated payment processors, pay online.



“I love that I can list add- on services to basic services, for example special trimming or special shampoos can be added to the basic grooming and all those costs can be tabulated.”


We understand that every business has a different revenue stream, and sometimes that’s not enough. But how do you up-sell your services without being pushy? Our scheduled add-onsmodule allows you to feature any add-ons available to your customer while in the booking process, such as; additional walks, mini-baths, treats and toys, or any other add-on your business may offer.




“I like the fact that the transition was very easy from our old program to this one.”


There are thousands of ways to set up your account to make it work for your business model. We understand that setting up a new software can be intimidating, so we do the hard work for you. With our mandatory account set up, our customer support staff will set up your account to what best works for you. This includes the set-up of your facility capacity, work hours, rates, premiums, discounts, packages, agreements, forms and email templates. We make the transition seamless, so you can sit back and not stress about making the switch.





“The customer service is surpassed by none; the ProPet team are dedicated to their clients and the functionality of their software!”


Your success is our success, and we understand the importance of outstanding customer service. Our Customer Support team is available through email, telephone and through our ‘Online Help Desk’. We make sure that our customer’s voices are heard, and are taken care of no matter what stage of the process they are in. Our Online Help Desk allows us to keep track of all communications between our customers and our support staff to allow for a more streamlined communication platform. We’re here to help and listen to feedback, and make sure our software is optimized for our customers.





“ProPet is the most intuitive, customizable solution available.”


We know that not every business is the same, so we made it our mission to make ProPet customizable for each, unique business. Our software is modular based, meaning you only pay for what you need. This prevents all of the clutter and uncertainty that comes with an all-in-one-package software. The team here at ProPet, makes it easy to allow this customization to happen with our mandatory Account Set Up sessions. We do the hard work for you, and ensure that your ProPet is set up to work for your business model.



If you think ProPet would be a great addition to your dog boarding business, start your free 2 week demo account today!