Ahh, report cards… we all remember them when we went through school. They had to be taken home once or twice a year to mom and dad to show our fantastic progress throughout the school year.  

Report cards act as communication between the teacher and the parents/caregivers. In this case, it’s between the kennel owner and the pet parents! Since mom and dad aren’t there to see what’s going on, they need updates on how their pets’ stay went with you at your facility. 

When a dog enters and leaves your facility, there could be several activities that transpired during their stay. Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything that went on, so putting that information in a report card will simplify the communication, and it eliminates the need for pen and paper.

How Report Cards Work

First, you want to ensure that you enable report cards for the services you offer. To do this, go to settings, then report card settings. To turn on the ones you want, save the report card options, and add at least one question. Once you have your questions generated, and your report cards are to your liking, you can start filling them out for your furry guests. 

You can customize the report cards right down to the size of the font, the title of your report card, and even the grading system! 

It can be fun to play around with grading systems! The three options available for the grading system are percentages (0-100%), letters (A-F, but hopefully no one gets an F), or emoticons(Happy, Sad, etc.) 

You can also include your logo, as well as the pet’s profile photo. 

When a customer goes into their portal to review their bookings, they will be able to see any report cards attached to that booking. Just don’t forget to publish it! 

Why You Should Use Report Cards

Technology is growing at a rapid rate, and one significant change we have seen over the years is the elimination of pen and paper when it comes to running/managing a business.

The elimination of pen and paper is undoubtedly great for the environment. It can also save you the hassle of potentially trying to interpret the unique handwriting of certain individuals at the office! (you know who you are). 

Report cards can save you a lot of explaining and recounting the many events that happen during a pet’s stay. Having a chat with each pet owner about their dog or cat can be long and exhausting. Having these report cards will simplify communication, seeing as the pet owners can review them on their own time. You can also send them an email letting them know their report card is ready for viewing in their customer portal. 


How Report Cards can Benefit your Business

You also have a handy report called “Report Cards” within the software. You can use this to generate and reference back to review report cards within a specific date range. Within this report, you can choose to view the report cards by service type, order number, customer name, etc. Report Cards are also available for printing, and they can be exported to excel as well. 

This report can also help you see which report cards haven’t been published yet for the customer. 

Using report cards is an excellent way to keep your business organized while allowing your customer to stay in-the-know. They’re easy to use, quick to setup and highly informative. With so many pets to keep track of and so few hours in the day, remembering the details of each pets stay can be a daunting task but if you’re using ProPet’s report cards it doesn’t have to be. Once you start you’ll wonder how you got along without them.