Any pet business owner can tell you how important it is to be organized, especially when it comes to feedings. But it can be really tough trying to keep track of your feeding schedule when you already have plenty of other demands on your time.

With so many dogs in your care, each with a wide range of feeding requirements, staying organized can be a huge challenge. So if you could simplify your feeding process, why wouldn’t you?

With ProPet’s Smart Feeding system, keeping track of your daily feeding requirements is simple and accessible.

Enabling Smart Feeding

To try Smart Feeding for yourself, first you’ll have to activate it. In order to activate it login to your ProPet account and click Settings> General Settings> Enable Smart Feeding.

With Smart Feeding enabled you can allow your customers or staff to enter structured feeding information for each pet. This takes all the guesswork out of collecting detailed feeding instructions. Neither you nor your staff will need to fumble with sticky notes or crumpled paper instructions ever again.

Why is Smart Feeding Useful?

Smart Feeding is used to give you and your staff the most comprehensive and up to date information about a pets feeding needs, habits, and history.

There are many different ways to use Smart Feeding to streamline your feeding process. When activated Smart Feeding appears during your customers booking process and customers can submit all the feeding information you and your staff will need during their dogs’ stay. This way you are guaranteed to keep their dogs’ eating routine consistent.

Allowing your customer to input their dogs feeding requirements during the booking process also allows you to have a smooth check-in process. You won’t need to worry about inputting all the specific feeding details when you have a line of customers dropping off their pets. Instead, your customers simply show up, drop off their dog and all the feeding information is already in the system waiting for you. Simple as that.

How Smart Feeding Works

There are four primary categories for Smart Feeding:

Time of Day

Measurement Type

 Food Type

Feeding Status

With Smart Feeding you can customize the feeding options available to your customers. Under each category you can add custom details to help your customers pick the feeding specification right for their pet.

For example, under Measurement Type you can allow your customers to choose, scoops, cups, bags, packs etc. depending on what you and your staff have to offer. Or under Food Types you can be general, only offering the choice of wet or dry food. Or you can be very specific and offer particular dog food brands for your customer to select from.

Once your customer has selected their desired feeding specifications in the Customer Portal, you can then access that information at any time through the Admin Portal. Simply select a pet’s reservation, then click Feeding at the top of the screen, and you will be able to see the pets feeding instruction and keep up with the pets Feeding Status, which is a useful way to track how much or how little a pet is eating.

How Can Smart Feeding Help My Business

By using the Smart Feeding feature you’re committing to the easiest way of doing a basic yet time-consuming task.

All pet feeding data is accessible to you and your staff through ProPet’s cloud-based system, meaning you no longer need to keep writing and re-writing feeding updates in order to keep your staff up to date. Simply log your feeding status data using a computer or tablet and it’s immediately accessible to your team. This way if a pet is, for example, having trouble adjusting to life away from home and they have begun eating less, you and your staff can easily keep track of the pet in question and even set the pets’ priority to ‘high’ if their eating habits do not improve.

Aside from simply collecting data, the Smart Feeding feature can present data in an easy to read report that lists your day-by-day feeding schedule. This is an extremely easy way to make sure no pet is falling through the cracks and everyone’s feeding needs are being met. From the ProPet dashboard just click Reports>Smart Feeding then select the date, and click Generate.

You will then see a list populated with all the feeding requirements for that day, and be able to easily keep track of all feeding needs no matter how complicated or simple they may be.

Click here for more information on how to activate Smart Feeding on your account today.