Being a dog trainer and a business owner is difficult, you need to be able to keep track of arrivals and departures, manage your booking, your schedule, and your financial and accounting information, all while providing your customers with a pleasant experience and premium results. Things can quickly get overwhelming.

But if you’re doing all of that each day without the help of a business software, you’re making life more difficult than it needs to be.

ProPet allows you to centralize the experience of running a dog training business. No more searching for sticky notes under mounds of paper or guessing phone numbers through smudged ink, with ProPet you have all of your data in one easy to manage platform, which’s accessible on the fly.

Switching to ProPet is a great way to make your business more efficient, and keep yourself organized as your business grows.

Here are just a few of the many ways ProPet can help you run your dog training business.

Online Bookings

Having the option to accept online bookings is a game-changer. Giving your customers the ability to make bookings on their own is an excellent way to free up your time while still keeping your new appointments flowing in. With online bookings you are able to passively receive and review your appointments, in your own time, without tying up your phone lines.

All you need to do to accept a booking is click on the ‘Requests’ tab at the top of the screen, click ‘Book’ for any reservation you’d like to book and then click ‘Save Reservation’ to confirm the booking. It’s that easy.

Also when you click ‘Save Reservation’ ProPet will automatically send out an email to your customer notifying them that their booking has been confirmed. This way you can notify your clients of the confirmation without wasting any time writing repetitive emails.

ProPet Reports

One of the best parts about having a business software is the ability to visualize your data. In ProPet’s reports tab you are able to run dozens of reports to help you stay up to date and organized.

When you’re on the ProPet dashboard click on the bar graph icon on the left side of the screen to bring up the reports tab and display all available reports. At first it might look a little overwhelming, but after you run one or two you’ll start to understand how they work and which reports are most compatible with your business.

If you’re looking for a place to start try clicking on the Day Summary for Training Report, select the date range of data you’d like to see displayed, then click generate report. This will allow you to see a list of all training appointments booked over that specific time period. It will also show you details about each appointment, like drop off and departure time, type of service booked, and your customers address or contact information.

With everything from day to day booking reports to deep financial reporting and beyond, you’ll have all the data you need to confidently run your business.

Group Classes

In ProPet you can create both private and group classes for your customer to choose from.

If your business offers group classes ProPet makes it easy for your customers to book themselves into classes, while providing you with the tools you need to easily keep track of class times and attendance.

Group classes are one of the most widely used functions of ProPet’s training module and there are many different ways to customize them and tailor them to fit your business needs. You can set class size limits so you never book an unmanageable amount of students at one time, you can set specific class locations, set cut off dates to buffer against last minute bookings, and you can even have your customers fill out a questionnaire before completing their booking.

ProPet’s group classes are designed to streamline the process of managing a complex multi-customer booking. When you make a group class in ProPet you’re able to structure it in a way that allows you to best meet your customer needs without over complicating the process or leaving room for error. At a glance you can easily see the type of class being offered, when the class will take place, who is registered to attend the class and which of your staff members is assigned to teach the class.

With the insights from this simple interface you will have the data you need to seamlessly keep track of your workload and easily manage an otherwise logistically complicated part of your day.

ProPet Report Cards

Report cards are an amazing way to keep track of your students’ progress.

We offer fully customizable report cards that allow you to create the grading structure that best fits the way you train and evaluate progress. You can include a variety of different grading options, for example the classic A+ to F, or the 0% – 100% structures we all remember from school.

If the way you grade is more detailed than a simple letter or percentile value you can also choose between short or long-form text box options that allow you to write in personalized and detailed observations about a pet’s progress.

Once you’ve completed filling out your report cards you can then choose how to share the report card with your customer. There are three ways to share the report card with your clients, you can print the report card, publish it in the customer portal or email it to the customer directly.

ProPet report cards are an excellent way to document a pet’s progress while also keeping the owner in the loop by providing them with something easy to read and understand.

Adding ProPet to your training business is a great way to streamline your existing workflow while adding some useful tools along way. It’s sure to make things easier on both you and your customers.