Here at ProPet, we specialize in providing business software solutions for four primary pet service categories; boarding, daycare, grooming and training. Our specialized modules make it really easy for you to track customer bookings while keeping up with the ever-changing demands of a growing business. But we also understand that many pet businesses offer unique services, in addition to their primary services, which might not fit neatly into our specialized modules. Don’t worry, we have a solution for that.

ProPet allows you to create standalone services that can be categorized under their own separate module, the Scheduled Addon’s Module. We deal with all kinds of pet businesses and we know that every business has its own demands. That’s why we offer the Scheduled Addon’s Module as an overflow section for any services that don’t quite fit into boarding, daycare, grooming and training.

Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate ProPet’s Scheduled Addon’s Module into your unique business’s daily workflow.

You Can Create Your Own Specialized Module

The Scheduled Addon’s Module is something really special, think of it like a blank slate. A fully customizable module where you can house any additional services you offer, all in one organized and easy to access place.

The Scheduled Addon’s Module is really easy to use. It follows the same intuitive check-in and check-out formula you’ll find in other ProPet modules like training or daycare. This means you don’t have to relearn how to use the software if you decide to add the Schedule Addon’s Module to your workflow.

Having a fully customizable module that supports the services you already offer is a huge bonus, and it’s made even better by the fact that you can jump right in and use it without needing to figure out a new interface.

Addon’s Can be Booked while Also Booking Primary Services

Fully utilizing the Scheduled Addon’s Module is a good way to get the most out of your ProPet experience, and it will maximize your efficiency if you offer services beyond the scope of ProPet’s primary modules.

By using the Scheduled Addon’s Module you can keep certain bookings, or addon’s to bookings, separate from your primary service modules. This is a great way to incorporate layered service offerings in a way that’s easy on your customers and your staff.

Your customers will love it because, well, they won’t even notice it. When a customer books a boarding stay and also adds a walk to their booking, the walk will seamlessly appear in the Scheduled Addon’s Module on ProPet’s Admin portal (after you accept their booking request). It’s that easy.

Plus, you and your staff will love the Scheduled Addon’s Module because it keeps all your additional service offerings in one organized area. This means that, for example, when you have dozens of grooming bookings to keep track of you won’t lose track of additional pet taxi bookings attached to each groom.

How do I make Bookings Appear in the Scheduled Addon’s Module?

Making sure a purchasable product appears in the Scheduled Addon’s Module is really easy.

Simply go to your ProPet Dashboard, click Settings, click Rates, then click Addon’s and Other Services, and hit New Addon. Setting up a rate for a standalone booking is pretty similar to setting up any other kind of rate, but the big difference is now you can pick which module your rate will appear in.

To select which modules the standalone service will appear in click Any service. Click to limit the services this addon applies to, and select the applicable services from the drop down menu. Click the check-mark, then click Save to save your changes.

By doing this, for example, you can make a rate for a dog walk and make that dog walk purchasable in both the Scheduled Addon’s Module and the Boarding Module.

This is useful because now you can offer dog walks in addition to any boarding stay or as a totally separate service, and each booked dog walk would appear in the Scheduled Addon’s Module so you can easily keep track of them.

Scheduled Addon’s Module Keeps Your Other Dashboards Organized

We all know how important it is to stay organized when you’re running a growing pet business.

Some days you can get so many bookings that it would be easy to lose track of one or two if you didn’t have a reliable pet business software to depend on.  This is especially true when your pet business is branching out into new additional services.

The Scheduled Addon’s Module allows you to offer a separate dashboard for secondary services or an entirely new dashboard for any other robust services you offer that we might not cover. Anyone with a wide array of services knows that having this highly customizable extra space is game changing.

Just having a separate dashboard for all your specialty services can make your primary dashboards less cluttered and easier to keep track of. No more cramming walks, or water therapy appointments into the Training Module or stuffing pet taxi appointments in the Boarding Module.

You’re too busy to sift through a cluttered dashboard. So why not make it easy on yourself and start using the Scheduled Addon’s Module?