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Why settle for a software that believes 'one size fits all'? ProPet lets you customize your kennel management system your way, for all your specific wants and needs.

We know every pet business is different, so we developed ProPet with that in mind. Our software is designed to be a versatile and customizable kennel management system specifically catering to your unique needs. From processes and forms, to pricing structures and email templates, ProPet was designed for kennels owners by a kennel owner! We know the importance of good customer experience, so not only do we accomodate your business needs, we help you serve your customers too. 




  • Build your own pet, customer, and booking forms
  • Customize new customer procedure
  • Set account preferences to personalize experience
  • Fully editable and branded email and reminder templates
  • Create admin only questions within customer forms
  • Individual photo albums for guests
  • Pet and owner colour codes track whatever you need; e.g. behaviour issues, incidents, allergies, and other important information
  • Kennel card customization
  • Customize drop-off and pick-up times
  • Set holiday hours and rates
  • Customize your dashboard display to show owner name, pet icon, birthday icon etc..

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