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It is now possible to set a date range for a customer alert message to be shown. (e.g. show “Happy Holidays” message from Dec 10, 2018, to Jan 1st, 2019) to be able to access this, go to settings, scroll down to templates, select customer alert messages. There you will be able to “add new message”. It is possible to add a date range by selecting “yes” to “apply schedule.” Then, there you will be able to select your date range. You will be able to select the specific dates that you would like to have this alert message be seen from.


Step 1: Templates

  1. Go to settings
  2. Templates
  3. Customer alert messages



Step 2: Creating a customer alert message

  1. Select “Add a new alert message”
  2. Add in all the information for your new customer alert message
  3. Select “yes” for publishing the alert message. (This will allow your customers to view this message)
  4. Save your document.