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  • How do I bock Kennel for a date range?

It is now possible to block a kennel for a date range. To block a kennel just go to settings>Facility Capacity> Click edit by the kennel you wish to block>click “block dates”. You will be prompted to select a date range, give a reason and input your initials. Once this kennel is blocked, the “auto-assign” function will consider this kennel as occupied. You will be able to see the blocked kennel within the kennel view.


Step 1:  Editing a kennel

  1. Go to settings
  2. Facility capacity
  3. Below “kennels” edit the kennel(s) that you would like to block for a date range


Step 2: Block dates

  1. Select “add dates to block”
  2. Choose a date range
  3. provide the reason
  4. Initial and save