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In order to cancel a booking reservation, you would need to access the booking confirmation. You can do this by selecting the booking sheet icon on the dashboard, or by searching the customer’s name and selecting “Booking History”.

On the Booking History page, you can select the order number of the booking you would like to cancel.

Once on the Order Confirmation page, there is a Cancel Booking button written in red on the top right corner of the page. Click this to start the process of cancellation. 

In ProPet, there are two kinds of cancellations, there is the “soft” cancel and the “hard” delete. 

A booking with a soft cancellation gives a reason for you to record for the purpose of the cancellation where you can include any additional notes before selecting “Cancel This Booking”. By processing it this way, the cancellation remains in the customer’s records, as well as will appear in your reports. 

The Hard Delete option is intended for bookings you would like to have no record off and entirely erased from the account. This type of cancellation will not appear in your records and we also cannot retrieve it once it is processed. We recommend using this option when you are practicing with the software and creating fake bookings.