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  • How do I send automatic text messages when a pet is checked out for grooming?

You are able to send a text message while you are checking out of a pet from a Grooming Service. you will have to go to the customer’s page and in the top right corner of the profile, if they have the text messaging feature, it’ll show a message bubble and from there you can text the customer

  1. You will need to search up the customer in the search bar, located at the top of your screen. ( you can sear a customer through their name, email address, and phone number)
  2. Once you are on the customer’s profile, select “customer overview”
  3. On the top right corner of the customer overview page, there will be to icons, one for notes and one for texting.
  4. Select the speech bubble icon to send your customer a text message!

To have this feature enabled, you will need to purchase it as an add-on separately from the other modules. This feature is not embedded in the software.