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Prepaid Packages can be set up under Settings > Pricing > Prepaid Packages > Add New Package.

On the Prepaid Package setup page, you can fill out the necessary information for the package which should always include: publishing permission (whether viewable for all or just for admin), name of the package, the prepaid package type, the quantity of passes in a package, and the price of the package. The rest of the fields are optional to fill out.

When creating a Prepaid Package, it is important to select the appropriate package type as passes will be applied differently according to the type of application selected.

There are 2 Prepaid package types to choose from and these types determine the distribution of passes on bookings. The recommended type: Share passes across one or more products, allows for multiple rate options to be selected for passes to apply to. For example, one pass from the package can apply to multiple different rates where the package is only limited to the amount of passes that are available, and are not limited to rate.


In contrast, the other package type: Assign the number of passes to individual products, limits the pass distribution according to the number of passes that are allocated for a specific rate. For example, a package with 10 passes can have 5 passes strictly reserved for one rate and another 5 passes strictly allocated for another rate. This package type does not allow for much flexibility in the application of passes.


Once the package type is determined and selected, the applicable rates can be assigned to the package. The selected rates can have a single pass or multiple passes applied to a rate depending on the package type and rate type. Half passes can also be applied for things like half daycare days, or a single dog attending a daycare using a two dog daycare package, for example. It is also important to note that daycare packages can also include group classes, add ons, and adjustments.

Once the package has been set up accordingly, don’t forget to click on the “Save” button on the bottom of the page to save these changes and create your prepaid package.