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Report Card Setup

To set up your report cards:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click Report card settings
  3. Choose the service report card you wish to set up
  4. Change your settings and click “Save”

Report Card Setup

  1. Next, to set up your Report Card Questions, you can click the “Report Card Questions tab”
  2. You can add “Headings” to divide sessions (My day, my friends, my services, etc.)
  3. You can add “Questions” by  clicking add new question, choose the question type.

report card questions

  1. To “enable” your question make sure to click the “Dog” or “Cat” column respectively

Report Card Settings

You are also able to add different templates to send your customer with the notification their report card is published/live, you can add these by clicking “Add template” on the report card page

report card email templates

Sending Report Cards

To send/answer your report cards:

  1. The report cards are available as an icon on all your “Day Summary” and scheduled events reports:

Send Report Cards

by clicking the “report card” icon

Report Card Pop-up

You are also able to “publish” the report card in the customer portal and email the report card notification to the customer. If you click “Save and View” you will also be able to print the report card.

report card publishing

You are also able to access the report cards directly from the booking confirmation page:

Report Cards - Confirmation Page

Just after the summary, where you will be able to see the dates and times of the service, the status of the report cards and edit and view the report card directly from this screen.