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The purpose of Note Tags is to further organize the notes that you make in customer profiles. This is not mandatory to do; however, it can help you organize specific information that you can filter out using the Notes Report under the Miscellaneous reports option. 

In order to create a Note Tag, you must go to Settings > Administration > Note Tags. On this page you can create general Headings to organize the various tags you create to help you organize specific information.

  1. Create a heading(s) so that that you are able to categorize note tags.

2. Once you have created a heading, you are then able to add specific note tags that will fall under the headings.

You can also choose a custom colour to help categorize the note tags.

3.  beside the heading, by selecting the column icon, you will be able to sort all the note tags in specific order.

4. By selecting the pencil icon beside the note tags, you will be able to edit or change the name of the note tag, change or add the custom colour. You are also able to move the note tag to a different heading if needed.


Once the Note Tags are set up and you need to create a note for a customer’s profile, you can select the notebook icon on the top right corner of the page. This will generate a window where you can customize your note and include the option to ‘Assign Tags’.​

By selecting ‘assign tags’ a list of all the headings will appear, beside the headings you will be able to select “expand” to receive a drop down of all note tags that you will able to link to a customer.

If you would like to get rid of the drop down, you will be able to select ‘collapse’ which will then bring you back to just viewing the headings.

When searching notes on the customer’s profile, you can ​also filter their notes according to the tags they are assigned to. 

The Notes Report will also generate data related to the notes you have input in the system. This report will help you filter out specific notes that you are looking for, and the option to filter by Note Tags will allow you to further refine your search for specific information.​