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With our Quickbooks integration, every time a payment is registered on ProPet, this payment is automatically pushed to Quickbooks with information about the customer, method of payment, line items, etc.

To connect your account to Quickbooks online, you only need to go to Settings>Quickbooks>Connect to Quickbooks

Once you are connected, you can select your default sales and payment accounts as well as map every ProPet payment method to a QBO payment method and account

ProPet - Quickbooks Online

You are also able to map boarding, daycare, grooming, training, classes, retail, custom charge categories, premiums, discounts to different “Quickbooks income amounts.” it works like this:

  • Log into your Quickbooks Online account.
  • Create a Quickbooks product to represent each desired income account. Assign it the associated Quickbooks income account.
  • Examples of Quickbooks products you might create: Boarding, Daycare, Service Fees, etc. You can be as specific or general as you (or your accountant) like.
  • Your Quickbooks products appear in the drop-down menus below.
  • Assign each ProPet pricing rate to a Quickbooks product and click “Save Assignments.”
  • Your ProPet invoices will be pushed to QuickBooks usually, but you will now be able to run reports in Quickbooks by income account.
  • Changes and updates you make below will be applied to all future pushes from ProPet to Quickbooks. Changes are not automatically applied to past pushes but will apply if ‘re-push’ older invoices.

We also count with two different QBO reports that will allow you to identify and see the “push” status of all your different orders,