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Pet and Client Manager

all your information stored in one place

ProPet offers a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) designed specifically for pet businesses that improves customer interactions and relationships.

Impress new and return customers with the help of ProPet's kennel software. Stored historical data and profile photos allow you to greet each customer by name and improve their experience. It's like your own personal concierge!



  • Unlimited customer and pet accounts
  • Customizable pet and customer forms with conditional formatting capability 
  • Link pet and customer profiles with photos
  • Set pet status and customize secondary pet status for further categorizing
  • Online agreement and contracts
  • Emergency contacts
  • Veterinary information
  • Vaccination tracking
  • Historical records archive
  • Shared photo albums
  • Internal email messaging
  • Share notes privately with staff
  • Upload and organize unlimited documents into customizable folders. 

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