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organization is key

No more getting lost in a sea of scattered tasks and events, ProPet's calendar organizes them so you don't have to worry about missing another appointment! 

We know that a lot more than just boarding pets goes on at a boarding kennel or daycare, so we developed a Scheduled Services module. Create and assign tasks to your staff from the events calendar or view daily tasks and events from the Scheduled Events Report and filter by 'service' or 'staff'. 

Automatically schedule customer requested add-on services in the ProPet kennel software calendar and assign those services to staff. Customers can also book standalone services that you offer easily online like grooming, baths, dog walks and other services. 

Scheduled Services Dashboard ProPet Kennel Software



  • Separate dashboard to manage additional services like dog walks, medication administration, pet taxi, health checks, feeding, pool time etc...
  • Create additional services for your customers that can be requested online individually or as an add-on to a booking.
  • Create rates that include more than one scheduled event per day. 
  • Scheduled add-ons automatically appear in dashboard calendar.
  • Assign, add or edit additional services to an employee from dashboard.
  • Create events from calendar and assign to employee.
  • View additional scheduled services on a monthly/weekly/daily calendar view or in a report
  • Assign employees with a unique colour or organize events by colour.
  • Offer add-ons to your customers boarding, daycare and grooming reservations.
  • Easily manage add-ons and standalone services from Scheduled Events Dashboard and Report.

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