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Because we're kennel owners too.

ProPet Software Inc. is an Ottawa-based software company focused on delivering a high performance business solution for the pet industry. Founded by Debbie Moffat, a dog kennel owner who became frustrated with the problems her own business faced on a daily basis, we understand the needs of the modern pet professional. We strive to provide a platform that you love, paired with a business ethic you can trust. Our cloud-based kennel management software consistently meets the growing demand from professionals in the pet care business who are looking for a reliable and streamlined online booking solution for their boarding and daycare facilities. We are proud to say that ProPet's features are optimized to fit your business needs with a customizable system that fits most business pricing models.


We are passionate about entrepreneurship and believe in helping pet professionals optimize their businesses for growth and success. We're in the business for the same reason you are; we love pets! We want to help you achieve your business goals by providing you with the tools you need to succeed. ProPet was created by a team of highly dedicated and enthusiastic developers, designers, and marketers who work with Debbie on a daily basis to address what a real pet facility wants and needs in a software.



Debbie Moffat and Cayenne
Debbie Moffat
Founder and CEO
It was Debbie's vision and guidance that brought ProPet Software to life. As founder and CEO, Debbie oversees the  development and operation of her vision. When she can find some spare time in her busy schedule, Debbie loves to craft, watch movies and spend time with all her wonderful and loving dogs.
Hitzel Cruz and Bella
Hitzel Cruz
Hitzel's passion for software development and architecture is what makes him a fantastic Chief Technology Officer. He is in charge of the development of ProPet Software. Sometimes Hitzel likes to take a break and spend time with his family, but usually you can find him coding at every chance he gets.
Tarun Britto and Princess
Tarun Britto
As Chief Operating Officer, Tarun oversees ongoing business within the company. He looks after finance and business development. Outside of ProPet Software, Tarun is an avid sports enthusiast, playing over 10 different sports, including skiing, tennis and soccer.
Erika Godwin and Ozzy
Erika Godwin
Coming from a startup incubator, Erika, our Chief Marketing Officer, has brought a great deal of knowledge and expertise to ProPet. Being in charge of marketing at ProPet, she ensures that all of the content is engaging and effective. In her spare time, Erika loves to play sports, especially hockey and golf.
John Withnall and Foxy
John Withnall
Lead Developer
As our lead developer, John spends his day programming, solving technical and usability issues, and managing our terrific team of developers. When he's not programming, John loves to spend time with his family and participate in various sports, including soccer, cycling and downhill skiing.
Karina McCarty and Skye
Karina McCarty
Director of Customer Success
From helping customers with their accounts to giving demos of ProPet to potential clients, Karina makes sure our customers are always happy! Besides helping others, Karina enjoys reading novels, listening to podcasts, exploring her artistic side and spending time with her furry friends.
Ashley Curran
Marketing Coordinator
Ashley helps create and coordinate everything from social media posts and blog entries to advertising campaigns. Outside of ProPet, Ashley thrives on being active by going for hikes and taking kick boxing classes. She also enjoys the occasional Netflix binge, and spending time with her friends. 
CSO (Chief Slobber Officer) 
George takes his job very seriously. It's a messy job, but someone has to do it. When he isn't working on filling the slobber quota at the office, you can find George curled up on the couch taking a nap, snacking on his favourite treats or looking to give big, wet kisses to the other ProPet employees.
Emilie Blais and Einstein
Emilie Blais
Sales and Marketing Coordinator 
With a background in sales and a diploma in marketing, Emilie is the perfect fit for our marketing team. Her main focus is assisting potential clients in exploring the world of ProPet with demo accounts and live demos. In her spare time, Emilie loves being social by joining new sports or simply spending time with her friends.
Juliana Alvarado and Mishka
Juliana Alvarado
Customer Success
As customer success coordinator, Juliana helps Karina respond to customer requests and help tickets, as well as onboarding and account setup. When she is not helping customers navigate ProPet, Juliana can be found reading, watching movies, playing video games or walking her two adorable pups.
Nick and Foxy
Nick Galipeau
Content Creator
Nick is responsible for creating all of our visual media from videos, to photos, to banners and beyond. He also manages our Photography for Pet Business Owners Facebook page and teaches our customers how to get the most out of their cameras, join today to learn how to take the best photos of your pets! When he's not making videos or taking photos of dogs you can probably find him watching a Blue Jay's game or reading one of the many books on his to-read list.


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