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reports and accounting

make smart business decisions

Keep your pet business organized and get visibility in your business operations with ProPet's numerous reports.

Reports in ProPet's kennel management software help you manage your day-to-day operations and plan for the future. Determine which services are generating the most and least revenue to make smart decisions when choosing what to focus on to grow your business.



  • QuickBooks Online Integration 
    • If you use QuickBooks Online, your transactions, invoices, customer list, and payments will all be synced in ProPet
    • Avoid double entry and keep everything up to date automatically

  • Financial Reports
    • Payment
    • Outstanding Balances and Overpaid Invoices
    • Total Revenue
    • Revenue by Service and Line Item
    • Tax
    • Voucher Purchases and Customers with Credit
    • Open Reservations (Quick Daycare)
    • Commission Report (Beta)
    • Unused Passes
  • Operations Reports
    • Day Summary Pets
    • Day Summary for Grooming
    • Scheduled Events
    • Occupancy and Overnight Occupancy
    • Feeding and Medication Reports
    • Canceled and Pending Bookings
    • Custom Charges
    • Daycare Availabilty Calendar
    • Agreements Status
    • Pets By Rate
    • Boarding and Daycare Usage by Pets
    • Split Bookings
    • Unschedules Add-ons
    • Quick Scheduled (Quick Daycare)
  • Customer Success Reports
    • Breed
    • Birthday
    • Pet and Customer Status
    • New Customers
    • Vaccinations
    • Pet Colour Codes
    • Buddies
    • Text Message Logs
    • Total Daycare Hours
    • Bounced Emails
    • New Features and Updates
    • User Logs
    • Signed Agreements - IP Address
    • Text Message Logs
    • Last Service Booked Report
      And Many More...

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