Report Cards

Your customerS will love report cards!

Be the talk of the town and take your customer service to the next level. 

Easily create and customize report cards for each service type (Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Training and Standalone services)

Multiple grading systems available:

  1. Grades A to F
  2. Percentage 0 - 100%
  3. Emoticons


ProPet Kennel Software - Report Card


  • Add photos of the pet's stay to each different report card. 
  • Customize the size of font, and the size and colour of headings.
  • Easy access to report cards. 
  • Create multiple email templates.
  • Include name and breed of buddies on daycare report cards. 
  • Efficiency is key. Add custom questions and headings to be answered within your report card. E.g. Yes/No, Short Text, Long Text, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, etc.
  • Add comments to each report card. 
  • Customize report cards using your logo and branding. 


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