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setup fees 

With Two-Year Subscriptions

Free Setup

With Annual Subscriptions

$50 USD per module

With Monthly Subscriptions

$75 USD per module



migration fees

ProPet's Migration Template

Free Migration

Standard Migration

$150 USD

Complex or Database Migration

$300 USD

Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the Setup Fee?

  • Live Account Setup Session
  • One (1) training session per module (45 minutes each)
  • Setup:
    • Hours of operation
    • Pricing structure
    • Facility Setup
    • Forms and agreements
    • Email templates


How do I know which migration service I need for by business?

  • ProPet Migration Template: We will send you an Excel Template that you can use to enter your pet and customer data.
  • Standard Migration: .CSV export from a software with a newer database, each data field has a separate column, will need to be reformatted to fit our template.
  • Complex Migration: Database exports from softwares with an older database or an unorganized .CSV that needs extra or manual time formatting.

If you are unsure which migration option you require, please contact:


What is included in a data migration?

A data migration from one software to another may seem simple, but it can be very complex transferring information from one database structure to another, especially when it is outdated. This is one reason why we cannot guarantee the migration will be perfect because it depends on the state of your current information. Many times the original state of your data is not useable, so we run database queries and scripts to extract the necessary data. We will then need to organize the data, manually delete duplicates, to get the most accurate import possible. ProPet is not responsible for any lost data in the process.  


What happens if my data gets imported but then I decide I have a different or updated file I want instead?

Our migration fee includes a one-time formatting and migration of your data. If you would like us to wipe your current data to add a newer or updated file, then you will be required to purchase another migration.


What data can be transferred?

Everything except booking information. This included pet and customer list, vaccinations, notes, vet information, emergency contacts, custom fields and retail products.


When do we need to pay for setup and migration?

Payment must be made prior to the setup and migration and there are NO refunds for data transfers or setup.


With Grooming and Retail in Beta, are we required to pay the setup fee?

Yes, all modules will require the setup fee to ensure our team is able to provide the best level of service and so your account it setup up the best it can be.


What happens if I need additional user sessions in the future?

User training sessions can be booked in the future for $50USD per 45 minute session, once your allotted sessions are used.


Why do you charge for account setup and migration?

As ProPet grows and continues to grow and add more features, it is important that we maintain a high level of service and standards. Our team puts in hours of works to help our clients set up their accounts to their fullest and we want to continue this service to help you be successful. This saves clients time and ensures all information is added properly.  


How long does it take to migrate my data and pet information?

How long it takes for your customer and pet data to be uploaded into ProPet highly depends on the type of file and the quality of the data.


  • ProPet Migration Template:  A migration with a filled template, that requires minimal formatting and deletion of duplicate accounts can take up to one business day to be uploaded from the moment the information is received.
  • Standard Migration. If you are able to get an export of your customer and pet information that can be formatted into our template. However, sometimes information as names that in the same line, unformatted addresses and dates, cause some of the information not to be uploaded at the proper place, or in some cases, the information cannot be uploaded at all. This reformatting process can take up to couple of business days to be uploaded, due to the work required.
  • Complex Migration. In the case where the information cannot be formatted or you are unable to export your information from your software into a formattable template, we are able to extract the information from your old software. However, this process can take up to multiple weeks due to the acquisition of the file, the reformatting of the data into a editable format as well as the formatting of the data into an uploadable format.

I am a startup and have minimal clients, do I require data migration?

No, if you don't need us to migrate your customer information, then you do not need to pay for data migration. However, you will be required to pay the account setup fee.


Are user training and account setup sessions the same thing?

No, account setup sessions are designed to help you setup all of your information while user training sessions teach you and/or your employees how to use ProPet, best practices and a chance for you to ask usability questions.


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