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pricing engine

meet your business's new best friend

Our intelligent pricing engine will allow you to run your business the way you want.

You are able to create rules and triggers (e.g. late fees, extended stay fees, multiple pet discounts, etc.) which will give your customers a realistic and accurate estimate for the services they request.  



  • Our smart pricing engine accommodates almost any pricing structure
  • Choose from many different pricing structures for boarding, daycare, training and grooming
  • Set automatic rate triggers for premiums or discounts
  • Automatic late fee detection
  • Create bulk package discounts
  • Create bulk packages expiry dates
  • Create bulk packages where vouchers can be applied to multiple services
  • Create custom charges; e.g. tips, fees, discounts etc.
  • Set discounts for unique customers; e.g. military, preferred customer, etc.
  • Automatically apply vouchers to reservations

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