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text message (SMS) automation is now available!


We know your customers are always on the go and don't always check email. Use automated text messaging to reduce no-shows and limit lost revenue.


Our new SMS feature is now in beta testing for our North American customers. At this time, our SMS feature is free to use, but this will be a Premium Add-On once the integration is released out of beta.



  • You will be assigned a unique phone number for SMS integration with ProPet
  • Text message communication will be saved in ProPet
  • Send custom individual text messages from ProPet Software
  • Set up automated reminder and thank-you text messages
  • Booking confirmations can now be sent by SMS to your customer
  • Text messaging report to log all communication 
  • Use variables to customize text messages.
  • Send text messages on Grooming check-outs


NOTE: Additional rates apply. Clients outside of North America may experience higher rates. 


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