Updated on: June 26, 2017


Due to an increasing demand from our customers to explain what beta is, what it does, and why it is useful to get involved with ProPet while our modules are in this phase, we’ve created this post to answer your questions! Read on to discover our honest answers about the benefits of being involved in a beta program and also what frustrations you may experience.



A product that is in beta has a fully developed core functionality but is still open to changes, new developments, and feedback. This means that the product is ready to use, but cannot be called a “finished” product as some features still need to be developed, tested, and implemented. For example, ProPet Software enables you to fully manage your boarding or daycare facility with ease. The software is designed to help you run your business efficiently and easily and is optimized for the needs of boarding and daycare facilities. We are currently working to develop additional modules to add to the core software such as retail and multi-location. Our grooming and training modules are in beta because major additions and minor bug fixes are still coming.



What if my business does retail or has multiple locations? Can your software still work for me? The answer is simple: absolutely! A software that is in beta can often be used to accommodate your business while the additional features are being developed. Software that is in beta has all of the core functionality developed already, meaning the basic software is tested and perfected before it’s even offered to you! The software can almost always bend to fit the needs of your business while other features are being developed. Once you are a part of a beta program, you can also give your feedback and suggestions on features that you think would be great additions to the software.



If software in beta is constantly growing and changing, how will it ever leave beta? No two products leave the beta stage at exactly the same time. The deadlines and goals of each individual business determine exactly when the product is ready to “launch” and be marketed as a fully developed product. This does not mean that the product will stay in beta forever! A product is ready to leave its beta stage when it is developed enough to successfully meet the needs of its customers, but it will still be open to adding some new features!



Now that you know a bit about what beta is, why would you want to be a part of ProPet’s beta program? Your business will receive many benefits such as:

  • Completely free access to the software for 6 months after the product exits the beta stage
  • Access to unlimited features-this means current AND new features that are still being developed
  • Free support! Customer loyalty is important to us
  • Free data migration and set up
  • Your feedback and suggestions are highly valued and taken into consideration



What are the real issues that you may experience when dealing with a beta product? A beta product changes frequently, and you may become frustrated with minor bugs and setbacks that can occur during the updating process. You might be happily clicking away and suddenly the button doesn’t work like it’s supposed to! Keep in mind that a product in its beta stage is not complete yet and that these setbacks are usually minor and fixed quickly. The benefit of using a product while it’s in the beta stage is that you often get to use the software for free for a period of time as a thank you for your patience and feedback. The product may not have full functionality at this stage, so patience is certainly required, but the finished product isn’t too far behind!


For most users the benefits of trying the product for free, receiving free setup and support, and the chance to have input in the creation of the software outweigh the small glitches that they may experience during the beta period. Keep in mind that the final product will have full functionality and be thoroughly tested to ensure that no problems occur.


Does the idea of joining a beta program like ProPet’s training and grooming modules sound like a good idea for your pet business? Try us out today!