June 5th to 11th is Pet Appreciation Week and that means extra cuddles, extra treats, and extra love for your pets! Although we all appreciate our pets unconditionally every day of the year, this week is the perfect time to give them a little extra attention to show just how much you really love your furbabies.


It’s true, we can’t imagine our lives without our pets. They make every day a little happier and a little brighter. They make it easier to get out of bed in the morning and to fall asleep at night. They are our confidants, our best friends, always ready to listen and give support with kisses and cuddles (the best kind of support!). What would we do without them? Maybe our houses would be a little cleaner, our bank accounts a little more full, but in our hearts, there would always be something missing. Cheers to the pets that we love so very much and who love us back even more.


This week especially, consider these fun ways to show your pet just how much they mean to you!



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Your pets miss you when you’re not around. Whether you’re at work, running errands, or out of the house for any other reason, they notice when you’re not around. So why not spend a little extra quality time with your furry best friend? Spending more time on your walk together or take them to a special doggy park. You could even make them a DIY pet toy and spend some time goofing around. Play time is great for fun and exercise! You can always check out the ProPet Pinterest if you’re looking for some fun DIY toy inspirations. Your pets are sure to love them!


Not only is spending more time with your pet good for them, but there are benefits for you as well. Quality time can facilitate a better relationship between pet and owner. Spending time with your pet can also provide many health benefits, both physically and mentally. Life is better with your pet, so why not take some extra time to show them some love.



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Treats are a favourite among pets and owners alike! A homemade treat is sure to be a hit with any pet. Before rewarding your pet with a homemade treat, make sure to consider any ingredients that may harm your pet. There are plenty of DIY treats you can try that will be a big hit with your furry friends. Check out our Pinterest for more DIY pet recipes that your pet will happy to chow down!



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Never underestimate the impact of a good brushing. Pampering your pet, even in the smallest ways, can be a real treat. A fresh coat can make all the difference in behaviour and attitude. Who doesn’t like to look and feel nice? Your pet loves to feel clean and fresh just as much as you do! Next to a good brushing, massages also have incredible benefits for your pet. You could also bring in your pet to get a nice grooming or nail trim, making both you and your pet happy. Pampering your pet means pampering yourself as well. For more tips on grooming and pampering your pet, check out our Pinterest. Your pets will thank you!



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Life keeps us busy and sometimes we don’t have time to keep our pups as happy as they deserve to be. During those especially busy times, you can treat your pet to a day of fun and play at a doggy daycare. Kennels and dog daycares provide your pet with a lot of quality time, tasty treats, and even grooming. Rather than having your dog home alone all day, at a doggy daycare your pup will have lots of fun with other dogs, providing them with plenty of exercise and socialization. Not only will your pet be looked after while you’re away, at the end of the visit you’ll have a tuckered out pup ready for cuddles.


Pet Appreciation Week isn’t the only time to love your pets, as we know we love our pets unconditionally every single moment of every single day, but why not use it as an excuse to show your pet some extra love!