You finally have your business in order. Everything is running smoothly now that you have switched to a software solution that works for you. Your customers are satisfied, your staff is efficient, and you could not be happier with the way things are going. Switching to a software solution has increased efficiency in many aspects of your business, but one area still continues to suffer. Dealing with finances is not a fun part of your job, but it is necessary. It seems simple to take payments from your customers which then go into your business account. However, you have noticed that it can take more than a week for the funds to show up in your bank account.


Additionally, accepting payments from your customers should not cost you an arm and a leg. It is an inevitable part of any business, so why should you have to pay high fees for something that is an integral part of your business?


At ProPet, we are always looking for ways to help make running your pet business more efficient with the most intuitive and user friendly kennel management software. With you in mind, we have partnered up with Payfirma to offer a simple, more affordable integrated payment system that won’t break the bank.

Payfirma Solutions



Payfirma is a merchant service provider and a payment processor. They provide you with your own merchant account and allow you to accept payments easily and efficiently. Knowing that all businesses are different and unique, Payfirma tailors their plans to your particular business. Essentially, when you sign up with Payfirma, you can accept payments any way you want! This includes online and mobile payments as well as in-store terminals. Additionally, they also provide all the hardware and software needed to accept your payments, whether it is online, in store, at the office, or in the field.




Payfirma for ProPet is fully integrated, meaning that you can take payments directly from our software. There’s no need to bounce from program to program, it is all right there in the system. With Payfirma for ProPet, you save on credit card processing and get paid faster! Not only will you be offered the most competitive rates in the industry, but you will also see your funds within 24-48 hours. From accepting payments on the go to giving your customers seven different ways to pay, the question isn’t what can you do with our integration, it’s what can’t you do.


Check out the lowest pet industry rates Payfirma offers with ProPet below!





If you want to stop constantly stressing out about payment processing fees, receiving your funds, limiting your customers’ payment options, or other payment related issues, sign up for our Payfirma integration and get back to doing what you love!



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