In Part 1 of the series, we discussed the importance of effective communication and how technology plays an important role in enhancing customer relationships, not by replacing personal contact, but rather by working along side it. A combination of both personal methods of communication and technological methods can help improve your customer relationships, especially in today’s “on the go” society.


Email is still one of the most popular messaging methods today. However, with spam filters and the constant overflow of emails, it can be difficult for your email to be seen. Many people believe that email is also impersonal and often ignored because of this very reason. It is easier than ever to get lost in the chaos. However, the truth is that, if done properly, email can be a very valuable and efficient method of communication with your clients.

It is an excellent way to stay connected with your customers every step of the way. While phone calls can be more personal, they tend to disrupt your customers’ day, and information can be mixed up or forgotten. Messages can be viewed (and reviewed if necessary) at your clients’ convenience. You have a digital record of the message itself as well as all the information included.

According to, email templates can help improve customer communication. Sending multiple emails with the same content to numerous clients can become tedious and it is easy to make a mistake or leave out information. Templates help you save time and reduce human any errors. They provide all the necessary information while having the option to add personalization and further customization. For example, thank you emails can be impersonal if you use a generic template. However, if you add some specific details about the pet’s stay at your facility, it will be more genuine and highlight your appreciation for your customers

With ProPet, you do not have to worry about getting lost in your customers’ inboxes. Having a message system integrated in ProPet allows you to send emails to your clients using templates, but still being able to add a personal touch. Having all of your messages in one place will help you stay organized. You have a record of all outgoing and incoming emails and can always go back to review them, so you never miss or forget any details. There are also a variety of templates that you can set up through ProPet, including confirmation emails, pending booking emails, reminder emails, and thank you emails.

Email may seem like a thing of the past; impersonal and ignored. However, this could not be further from the truth. It is still one of the most widely used methods of communication for businesses everywhere. When communicating with your customers via email, make sure to keep the messages short and to the point. Adding a link to where your clients can access more information is also a good way of preventing lengthy emails. While email templates are excellent time-savers, it is important that they are not generic and impersonal. Taking the time to add a personal touch can make all the difference for your customers.


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