Your pet business is booming! You’ve finally found the right kennel management software and everything is working like a well-oiled machine. You are able to manage everything from a central hub and don’t need to worry about anything going wrong with your system. The automation and streamlined processes allow you to finally get back to doing what you love, whatever it may be. As a busy pet business owner, this can be a rare occurrence so you enjoy every single moment.


Though everything is running smoothly with your pet business, you can’t help but focus on that one little detail, that small issue that is now keeping you up at times. You have all of your pet care services centralized and streamlined, so why can’t you have your retail products integrated as well? Not only would that make your life a lot easier, but your customers would definitely love the convenience of being able to request everything in one go!

Well you’re in luck, not only can ProPet help you manage all of your pet care services, such as boarding, daycare, grooming, and training, we have now released a Retail Module as well! With a fully integrated system, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your pet business without us.


With our new retail module, you can easily create your very own online store for your ProPet account. Organize your products using categories and sub-categories, track your inventory directly in ProPet, use a barcode scanner to add retail items directly to invoices, and tracks orders with daily reports. Your customers have the convenience of ordering products online and adding retail items to their pet care service invoices. They can even pay for their order online using our Stripe and Payfirma integrations.

Eliminate wait times at your shop, increase customer satisfaction, and get back to doing what you love! Your business is important to you, but that doesn’t mean you should be spending countless hours counting inventory or tracking orders. ProPet does all of the work for you. Not only will you love it, but your customers will too!


1. Exposure – Your customers may not know you sell these products. 

Using our retail module can provide your products and retail items more exposure to your customers who may not know that you sell the product they’re looking for or that you even sell any products at all! Create a list of featured products so your customers can see at a glance the most popular items for sale.

2. Promotion – A great way to promote retail add-ons for pet care services. 

Having your retail integrated with your pet care services can help you increase likelihood of your retail items being sold as additions to an existing pet care service, such as boarding or daycare. Add a list of add-ons your customers can choose from for their pet’s reservation, like a toy that they can play with during the stay or some extra treats.

3. Convenience – Not only for you, but your customers as well! 

With all of your services and retail items in one spot, your customers won’t have to go to multiple places to find everything that you offer or make multiple transactions. You can add unlimited products to your online store, organized by categories that you customers can browse through or filter by specific category.


Check out our quick video for some more information about our new Retail Module.




If you are a ProPet customer and would like the Retail Module turned on in your account, please contact If you aren’t a customer, but would like to try out the new Retail Module for yourself, click the button below to get started with a free 2 week demo account or a live demo!

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