You first invested in a software to help you optimize your pet business and everything was running smoothly, but now it seems that its doing the opposite. Instead of helping you solve your problem, it is only adding more. The problem isn’t your business, it’s your software! If your current software solution meets any of the following criteria, it may be time for a change.


Your customers should be able to log in to their online accounts at anytime, from anywhere and request bookings from within your software. If you don’t make the reservation process easy and convenient for your customers, your competitors will. Many customers no longer want to deal with the inconvenience of calling to book services, so you may be missing out on business if you don’t offer a simple way for your customers to book online or from their mobile device. If your customers are filling out forms on your website that you then have to manually transfer to your kennel software, you are wasting valuable time and money with this kind of double entry. Never miss a potential reservation by providing the convenience of an online bookings for outside your business hours. This also allows new clients to receive updates and edit their accounts on their own time.


If you can only access your kennel management software from one computer, it is time for an upgrade. In 2018, it is in increasingly important to stay connected with your clients. You should be able to easily contact your clients from within your software by email or SMS. Your software license shouldn’t be tied to just one computer; this can be dangerous if you aren’t manually backing up your software on an external drive daily. If your computer crashes, you lose everything. Switching to a cloud-based solution where your data is geo-redundant, meaning that while it is hosted on one server, it is constantly mirrored and backed up to another server in another location, can eliminate this issue. When your data is stored and backed up in multiple physical data centers around the world with strict security measures, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure.


User experience is one of the most important aspects of a software solution. If your software is complicated and not user friendly, it is definitely time for an update. Your software should have an easy to follow dashboard that displays a quick overview of the day ahead. It should also work on all devices, from your desktop to your tablet to your smartphone. Investing in a new solution will save you lots of time, money and as well as frustration! Remember, a good software should not only minimize paper work, but it should make you more productive.


You should be able to manage most of your daily tasks from one central platform. If your software is lacking integrations, then you most likely require multiple platforms for simple processes, such as email, SMS messaging, automated notifications, online booking and a customer portal. If your current software doesn’t integrate with 3rd party software like QuickBooks Online, Stripe, MailChimp, Twilio, Zapier or Payfirma, chances are you’re spending far too much time on simple tasks that can be automated with the right software solution. Additionally, exporting your data to an Excel file at any time is a crucial feature so that you can manually backup of your information yourself. If you can’t do this with your current software, switch immediately! Your software solution should allow you to multitask in order to save you time and money, otherwise it’s time for an upgrade.


Outdated software is often unsupported, which means your data in not secure. If your software doesn’t update every few hours, then your data becomes vulnerable to hackers. If your software doesn’t provide reliable support, it’s high time to make the switch. It’s important that your software provider is not just a software, but rather a partner that is invested in the successful growth of your company. If your software provider is no longer in business, you could lose it all. Find a replacement as soon as possible before it’s too late! If you are using an old version of a software that is slow and bulky, it may no longer be compatible with other software, operating systems or hardware. This could be detrimental to your company and how potential customers perceive you.


If your database is running on systems that are no longer supported, (such as Access or an old version of Windows), it’s time to reconsider your current software. Furthermore, older databases tend not to support mobile and may face many security vulnerabilities where your clients’ data can become at risk or exposed. Modern software is usually kept up-to-date with all of the latest security patches. Additionally, servers and databases are protected with the highest level of security. Another benefit of upgrading to a modern cloud-based software is that you can expect weekly feature updates to ensure the best ongoing user experience.

Switching to a modern solution can help you optimize your business processes with multiple functions and integrations. If your current software requires you to work with various platforms to manage related tasks, allowing you to only work on one at a time, it’s time for a change. Find a software solution that will let you multitask and watch your productivity soar!


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