Running a pet business can be stressful. There are so many moving parts to manage it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so why not simplify your daily workflow as much as you can?

One of the easiest ways to start simplifying your day to day process is by introducing ProPet’s color codes.

Color codes are a great way to understand your client’s needs at a glance, which helps you prepare for their visit before they’ve even checked in.

You can get a really good idea of what your customer requires and prepare for their drop off while avoiding sticky notes or memorization.

It’s important to note that with ProPet you can create two different types of color codes, round color codes which are applicable to pets and square color codes which are applicable to pet owners.

Simply look in your pending check-ins queue and pay attention to the colorful shapes next to each pet name. These symbols are used to indicate the unique characteristics of each customer, and they give you an idea of what to expect from both the pet and the owner.

How Color Codes Work

Say it’s Friday morning and you’re checking in Bruce, the beagle. Now Bruce is an old dog and needs to take medication twice a day, he also needs special food due to an allergy. He’s very friendly, but he’s slow-moving and won’t be able to keep up with younger dogs, so if he’s scheduled for a walk during his stay he’ll need to be taken alone. Plus Bruce’s owner Tim is a veteran who is eligible for the military discount.

Now, this is a lot to remember, and odds are Bruce isn’t the only dog checking in today. So how do you make sure you remember all of Bruce’s accommodations plus keep track of the dozens of other dogs at your facility? Two words. Color Codes.

How to Set Color Codes

By using color codes, you make sure that Bruce and the other dogs get the proper attention they deserve without needing to keep track of sticky notes. Color codes are a great way of keeping any special requirements easily visible, so no dog falls through the cracks.

If you’re on the ProPet dashboard and you’d like to customize color codes to make sure all your employees know what to expect from Bruce and his owner, you would click Settings>Color Codes.

From here you will see two large columns. The column on the left will apply to the customer (in this case Bruce’s owner Tim), while the column on the right will apply to pets (good ol’Bruce himself).

In the blank spaces next to the icons on the color codes page you would fill in the information necessary (ie, ‘military discount’ for Bruce’s owner. ‘Medications needed,’ ‘slow,’ ‘special food,’ and ‘senior,’ for Bruce).

It’s also important to note that color codes are only visible to ProPet’s administrator, so you don’t have to worry about customers seeing the notes you’re applying.

How to Apply Color Codes

Once your color code list is up to date, you can start applying them to pets. So in Bruce’s case, you would click on Bruce in the ProPet Dashboard, then you would click edit. From here you can select any pet color codes needed.

When applying a discount color code, like the military discount, it’s important to know that the discount will be automatically deducted from their total balance owing. Simplifying the checkout process and making it easier to apply special pricing to certain customers.

Any color code you select will be visible to your staff when viewing Bruce’s booking in the ProPet Dashboard, or any module his booking is associated with.

Why Are Color Codes so Important

Once you start using them, you’ll quickly realize that color codes are the best way to keep you and your staff on the same page. No more fumbling with paper notes or passing off instructions for how to handle certain customers and their pets.

All the information you and your staff need can be found at a glance in one simple place. It not only streamlines your interactions with your customer, but it keeps you organized so you can focus on the task at hand.