During these uncertain times the ProPet team has been hard at work making sure our software serves your changing business needs.

Businesses of all types have had to quickly adapt to a fluid economic landscape where laws and regulations change by the hour, and consumers struggle to find new ways to interact with the businesses they love. With this in mind the ProPet team has been working diligently to open new avenues for pet business owners and their customers to interact, exchange information, and even tip.

Here is a look at some of ProPet’s emergency software updates:

New Reminder Emails

In order to help our pet business’ keep their clients informed, ProPet has added new reminder emails.

Keeping your customer in the loop is extremely important, especially when policies and expectations are changing so quickly. It can be really time-consuming to manually notify your customers of all the changes as they happen. This is why ProPet prioritized new email reminders designed to help pet businesses cope with the ever-changing demands of doing business during a pandemic.

You can set these new reminder emails to be sent a certain number of days before your customer is scheduled for drop off or pick up. Allowing your customer to familiarize themselves with any new policies you may have added to accommodate social distancing, like curbside pick-up/drop-off for example.

The new email reminders enable you and your staff to save time and focus on what’s most important, running your business.

To customize your new reminder emails go to the ProPet Dashboard and click Settings>Reminder/Thank You Emails>Add New Reminder Email, from here you can select whether the reminder email will be sent before check-in or check-out and how many days beforehand. This is an excellent way to automate what could have been a huge time commitment and it’s just one of the many ways ProPet has adapted to changing demands.

Online Payment Tip Prompt in the Customer Portal

Being able to accept tips online is an excellent way to generate additional cash flow, and reward your dedicated and hardworking employees for working through a pandemic. This is why ProPet has made it possible for your customers to add tips through the customer portal.

You can activate your tipping prompts in the customer portal so that when your customer goes to make a payment online they’ll also be able to leave a tip. Your customer will get to decide if they’d like to leave a tip based on the percentage of the total price or if they’d like to add a unique amount.

Having the ability to accept tips online opens up new avenues for pet businesses to grow their revenue and balance their books at a time when the global economy has hit a major standstill due to social distancing regulations. As many businesses work to move their transactions from instore to online the new tip prompt allows you to social distance while still accepting a full payment along with a little bonus.

All tips registered through the customer portal will appear on the customer’s invoice as well as in the custom adjustments report which can be found by click the reports tab on your ProPet dashboard.

Emergency Mass Email Support

Communication is incredibly important right now, and being able to notify your clientele of companywide policy changes due to Covid-19 is a must.

This is why ProPet has enabled its customers to send out mass emails regarding covid-19 from within the software.

This functionality is usually limited to anyone using a Mailchimp account, but during the pandemic we are allowing all of our customers to send covid-19 related mass emails to their client base.

Having the ability to keep your regulars in the loop is a huge advantage. You’ll be able to make sure your clientele are in the know about any new policies you’ve had to adopt in order to carry out social distancing, like curbside dog pick up/drop off. You will also be able to keep your customers updated on when you are planning on re-opening your business if you’ve had to close completely and eventually, once the pandemic is over, let your customers know when everything is back to business as usual.

Keep a close eye on the bell icon in the bottom right corner of your ProPet dashboard for more software updates, we have some exciting things in the works.