There are many tools on the market that promise to make your business better. Your pet business can be more organized, more efficient, more profitable…if only you commit to using an expensive management system or product that doesn’t meet all of your needs. Why can’t there just be a simple option? Let me introduce you to the world of cloud based software and explain why it is going to help your business.



SaaS stands for software as a service, which means that you are paying for the services that a company provides instead of product. SaaS is different than purchasing software, as you are not responsible for downloading, maintaining, or updating it. Cloud based software is the ideal place to host a SaaS product because you will always have access to the most updated version of the software and the most comprehensive data protection. SaaS is different from traditional software because you can access your files using any device that has an internet connection.



In very simple terms cloud based software “lives” on the internet, allowing you to access and store all of your information online. All of your data is saved in the cloud, which is an online storage space, as well as in multiple physical data centres that are protected with the highest digital and physical security measures. Cloud based software allows your pet business to operate online as all of your customer files, business functions, and administrative documents are optimized through the software itself instead of on your computer. Your information is stored outside of your device in the online cloud, meaning that your data can never be lost to computer crashes, fire, flood, etc.



Cloud based software is different than other methods of data storage because your data is guarded by multiple layers of backup and protection. This business tool relies on physical data centres that contain servers that host your information and are protected by the strictest data security measures. Your data is geo-redundant, which means that while it is hosted on one server, it is constantly replicated on a different server in another location. The process of geo-replicating ensures that you can connect to the server and access your data at any time without major interruption. When you pay for cloud based software, the company that you are working with takes care of all of these security measures for you. Cloud based pet boarding software is designed to protect your data, while removing the hassle of monitoring it from your already long list of tasks.





Organization is easy because the miscellaneous papers, clipboards, customer files, online scheduling tools, and Excel sheets used to run your business are all replaced with the software. The time spent getting organized each day is minimized because everything is accessible through the dashboard. For example, consider this simple equation: you spend 2 hours each day reviewing client profiles, making lists of check-ins and check-outs, reviewing vaccinations, etc. If you use a software that can combine all of these activities and allow you to review them in a few minutes, you could save between 10 and 14 hours a week! Software can help to streamline your business practices because all of the information that you might need, such as the vaccination status of a pet, is easily accessed and stored in the online cloud.



Cloud based software for your pet business is designed to be used from two perspectives: the administrator mode (the one that you see) and the client mode (the one that your customers see). Customer profiles are customizable and easy to update, and they have the flexibility to update their pet information and vaccinations right from their account. The customer can book a boarding visit, daycare visit, or another service, such as grooming, by clicking one button. Customers can book anywhere, at any time with cloud based software, all they need is a smartphone, computer, or tablet. Messages are quick and simple to send, meaning that your customers are always updated and can contact you easily if they need to. Software designed for pet businesses ensures that the customer has a convenient and painless experience every time. Many customers are equating good customer service with improved experiences such as improved data security and convenient, streamlined processes.



Software can be used anywhere that has an internet connection and an appropriate device (a smart phone, tablet, or computer) which means that business processes can occur virtually anywhere. Cloud based software allows you to access your files whenever you are logged in, making remote management a very real possibility. Software for pet businesses can be integrated with existing software, such as QuickBooks, to keep sensitive financial information separate from the management software. This means that while your data can be compiled for quick reports, personal financial information is not stored with the rest of your data.



In a practical sense, using an all in one management software will save you money because you are moving away from various software programs and/or written records and using one product, with a set payment, to manage your business. Using SaaS as opposed to traditional software can save you money because you are always going to get the most updated product without having to pay for upgrades. Online management software usually doesn’t require long term licensing, so you can pay via monthly or yearly payments that can be customized to your business needs. Generally, the core features are included in the base price, and more features can be added as needed at an additional cost per feature. Your payments can be as close to the basic price as possible or more expensive based on your business needs and budget.


Using cloud based software to manage your business has a lot of benefits such as saving you time and money. Interested in learning more about how software can change your business? Check out ProPet Software by messaging us in the comments below!