With the busy holiday season approaching, preparing your pet business for the chaos can make everything a little less hectic and a lot more fun. Optimizing your business for the holidays doesn’t require a lot of extra work and can actually help to increase your preparedness, organization, and maximize your profit. How can you start prepping today? Read on to find out!



Creating a “homey” atmosphere goes beyond your decorations. Focus on creating a home-like experience for the pets staying at your facility and you’ll be surprised at how much your (human) clients appreciate it. When pets have blankets, toys (if applicable), plenty of snuggles, and treats, their humans know that they will have a stress-free holiday experience while they stay at your facility. The homey atmosphere will also help to reduce some of the guilt and anxiety that your clients might feel being separated from their pet during the holidays.



Is your business offering a promotion for the holiday season? A special discount or additional incentive such as a free “tuck in service” during the pet’s stay can create a positive experience for both pet and owner! If you do offer a promotion, you should be marketing it as soon as possible to maximize its effectiveness. Use your software to advertise the promotion when your customers log into their account, and put it all over your social media networks. You can even email or call your clients if you have a comfortable repertoire with them! The entire purpose of a promotion is to show your customers that you value their service, and it makes your business stand out from the rest.


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What are you offering that makes you different from your competition? A personal touch can show your clients that you value them, and also that you enjoy running your business. You could email them Christmas themed photos taken at your facility, or create a holiday treat bag for each guest to take home when their pet leaves. It doesn’t take a lot of time, staff, or money to do a little something nice for your clients. If you prepare ahead of time using this guide, you’ll be all ready for the busy season in no time!



In addition to creating holiday promotions, upselling is an option that you might consider over the holidays as you can increase your profit with minimal effort. Offering special services such as additional walks or a paw-dicure for a low fee during your busy season encourages customers to purchase the services offered. Why would we recommend offering your add-on services for a slightly lower price than normal? Offering your add-ons at a slightly reduced rate can be a strong motivator for your clients to purchase a little present for their pet. At a time of year when you have many clients coming in, giving them a reason to purchase additional services from you can translate into a real profit gain. Try upselling with the idea of a Christmas gift in mind-with lower priced add-ons available, your clients are sure to purchase a little extra treat for Fido during his stay!



Spring cleaning your business doesn’t have to wait for the spring. Before your facility fills up to maximum capacity, take the time to give it a deep and thorough cleaning. Wash out all of your kennels and bedding, sanitize toys (if applicable), and organize your paperwork. A great place to focus your attention is your front desk. This is often the communications centre for your business as well as the first thing that your customers see when they come for a walk-through or to drop off their pet. At a time of the year when many clients are going to be walking through your business for the first time, you want to ensure that you are making a great first impression. A clean, fresh smelling, and organized facility shows that you are prepared for the increase in business that you are about to receive over the holiday season.


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You have a full kennel, and an accident strikes. You can’t find the gauze anywhere. Or the first aid kit. Don’t let this situation happen to your business. Stocking up on your necessary supplies such as blankets, medical items, treats, and cleaning supplies means that you will never be without something when you need it. This trick can save you both time and stress as the holiday season approaches.



The final, and possibly most important, holiday tip that we have to share is to have updated plans in place for a variety of situations. For example, when was the last time your fire, flood, or earthquake evacuation plan was updated? When your facility is at maximum capacity, you want a safe and effective plan in place that minimizes risk to your staff and residents. Besides having a plan on paper, make sure that your staff have practiced the plan thoroughly and often. Physically walking through the plan with your staff on a quiet afternoon might save lives later on. Do you have enough staff working over the holidays? Increasing your number of staff or volunteers at this time of year can really help things to work efficiently and keep stress levels down.


The tips outlined in this guide can help to prepare your business for the busy holiday season that is fast approaching. Don’t be caught without it! For more great tips and business tricks, subscribe to our blog and visit below!