As our very first customer, Keshet Kennels has been a key part in making ProPet Software into what it is today. Keshet Kennels/Rescue operates out of Ottawa, Ontario, and is located on acres of beautiful grassy fields and forest. In operation since 2005, the kennel offers dog boarding, daycare, and facility rental to clients looking for a safe and loving environment for their dog(s). We took a moment to catch up with Sarah Binczyk, Manager of Operations, to discuss the day to day life of running the kennel, as well as some of the most rewarding parts of working in the industry.


ProPet: Why did you get into the pet business?

Sarah: A passion for working with and caring for animals is, of course, the fundamental reason for me working in the pet industry. More than that, however, I also enjoy working with people. Because we are involved in rescue, adoptions, boarding, facility rentals, etc., people come to us for any number of reasons. I enjoy sharing stories and connecting with like-minded people because it provides me with endless opportunities to learn and grow as a pet care professional.


ProPet: What is the most fulfilling part of your day?

Sarah: I find many aspects of my job fulfilling, but I get the most satisfaction out of the little things. Watching a group of sled dogs run as a pack, getting a heartfelt thank you from a client, and seeing a rescue off to his/her new home, are just a few examples. I also never get tired of meal times, I love feeding the dogs. Talk about instant gratification! Something about watching the dogs get excited for meals, feeding them, and seeing them settle afterwards is very satisfying.


ProPet: What is your favourite part of each day?

Sarah: I love the early mornings. I really enjoy those precious few moments before the day gets into full swing, those times when it’s just me and the dogs. I love the happy faces and wagging tails that greet me first thing. The dogs are all very excited to be starting their day, and they have a great way of showing it.


ProPet: What are some challenges you face?

Sarah: It didn’t take me long to figure out that each dog has its own little personality with likes, dislikes, wants and needs. Some dogs we have the opportunity to get to know quite well, while there are others that we meet only briefly. Each dog we meet becomes, in some way, a member of our extended family. That being said, it can be hard not to become emotionally invested in every dog that comes through our doors. Sometimes it’s the ones that are around for the shortest time that have the biggest impact.


ProPet: What has ProPet changed about the way that you run your business?

Sarah: ProPet Software has become an integral part of our business. Admittedly, we had a hard time letting go of some old methods, but ProPet is so comprehensive and easy to use that it made our transition to an online software relatively seamless. The software has helped us to streamline how we manage our correspondence, bookings, services, and finances.  ProPet has helped our business to function effectively, and on a much higher level!


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Even during Keshet’s busiest seasons, the management and staff always takes the time to give the dogs the love and attention that they deserve. When you’re in the business for a true love of the pets, it really shines through! We’re so glad that ProPet has been able to make things a bit easier by helping the kennel function at a higher level, and with increased efficiency. Thanks for taking the time to chat Sarah!


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