I have some things that I need to tell you. You’re the person that I trust unconditionally with my best friend, whether she is furry, feathered, or scaly. You see all of the great things about running a pet business, as well as the exhausting, and even heartbreaking, things. You do a job that takes a very special kind of person. From the perspective of a customer, I want to say thank you for taking care of my best friend when I’m not there. Thank you for running your pet business because you love my pet as much as I do.


Thank you for understanding that my life is busy. I love my pet with my entire heart, and it kills me to be away from her for over 8 hours a day. I love that I can rely on you to pick her up in your pet taxi and take her away for a day of play. I’m glad that she can forget about me being gone for a few hours and focus on having fun. I’m so grateful that I can come home at night knowing that she was burning off all that energy in a safe way, instead of chewing on the couch cushions. Thank you for earning my trust by always locking my door after you’re done taking my friend for an afternoon walk. Even though she only got out of the house for an hour this afternoon, the chance to run around and relieve herself means that I won’t have to scold her for peeing on the floor when I get home (and then feel horribly guilty about it). I love that you understand that sometimes I have to make a daycare booking in the middle of the night, and that I don’t have to feel bad about calling and waking you because I can book online. Owning a pet comes with a sense of guilt sometimes, and you really help to alleviate that. Thank you for making my pet’s day better when I am unable to be at home with them, as much as I want to be.


For all the times that you stayed up all day or night caring for my pet when I couldn’t be there with them, I want to say thank you. You and your amazing staff are the people responsible for comforting and caring for my pet while I am away. I look to you for reassurance when I am in a difficult, and oftentimes scary, situation. My worst nightmare is being in a different city, province, state, or even country, and not being there when my pet needs me. So thank you for being the person that stays up all night with my pet when they are ill. Thank you for taking my pet to the emergency vet if something horrible happens, and thank you for staying there and being with her when I cannot. I could not imagine how scared my best friend must be, and how much they appreciate not being alone. Thank you for looking into her sweet and loving eyes and telling her that I love her when I cannot. All of those messages that you send to my online account that keep me updated on her condition are the reason that I’m writing you this letter. I cannot put a price on the peace of mind that you give me.


I know that you’re exhausted, but I want you to know that I slept like a baby last night. I’m having the time of my life on vacation because I know that my pet is safe at your facility. They can play outside and I don’t worry about them escaping onto the road. They can run around and have a little vacation of their own without getting hurt, all because you’re there. Even in a group of ten rambunctious dogs, they are safe with you. Thanks to the cool software that you use to run your business, you know exactly what dogs my pet gets along with. I don’t have to worry about an aggressive dog at the park, or a car on the road, or even a squirrel leading my dog astray. I don’t have to worry about my cat escaping underneath a fence, never to be seen again. I am not dreading that phone call letting me know that my pet, my biggest supporter, my best friend, is missing. Thanks to you and your facility, I am taking a break from my busy life and just resting for once. I can never pay you enough for that.


I know I can be overwhelming at times. I can’t help myself; my pet is my whole heart. Thank you for bearing with me when I tell you that my pet needs an extra nap in the afternoons because she is getting older and can’t keep up like she used to. Thank you for asking me what kind of food she needs, and if she has any medical requirements. The fact that I can add her food and medical needs into my booking details, and change it as often as I need to, means the world to me. Thank you for understanding how hard it is for me to be away from my pet, even for a couple of days. It’s very easy to contact you, and I am so grateful for every message and photo of my pet that I see on social media. I know that she’s having a great time with you, and that makes being away from her a little easier.


Finally, thank you for allowing me to trust you utterly and completely. No one, no one, is good enough for my pet…well, except you. I had to think long and hard about where to bring my pet while I was gone, or who I was going to let into my house while I’m at work all day. You have not only earned my trust, you’ve surpassed it. People who do not have pets might not understand the struggle and anxiety that I have trusting my pet with someone else, but you do. You reassure me constantly, and my pet loves you. For all of the ways that you enrich our lives, pet business owner, I can’t say thank you enough.


Your Customer


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