Would you rather spend three hours on tedious paperwork, or three hours playing with your furry clients? We think the answer is pretty obvious! Playtime is the right answer! Your time is your money, and with ProPet, we make it possible for you to spend your time where it matters. Just like you, we at ProPet love our pets and want to spend as much time as we can with them. However, if you are using outdated software, or not using any at all – your time with them is very limited due to excessive amounts of admin tasks.



ProPet is a cloud-based kennel management software that provides you with the resources and tools you need to optimize your pet business. Our software takes care of the entire booking process, all the way to the checkout. It allows you to store everything you need in one program; and includes features such as online booking, email automation, scheduling, and daily reporting. With this software, everything is done online and is easily accessible for your clients. With our user-friendly interface, your clients will be able to create a profile, fill in all of their information that your business needs and make reservation requests online. This makes it easy for you as a business owner to manage and access all of your client information from one place. ProPet is the Jack-of-all-Trades, and we have integrated with other powerful software solutions like QuickBooks Online to cut your time in half on administration, and other lengthily data-entry processes.



QuickBooks Online will turn your day from doing countless hours of paperwork, into extra hours of doggy playtime. ProPet’s Quickbooks Online integration allows you to sync all of your current customer and financial information from ProPet to your Quickbooks Online account. By integrating this with our software, it saves you from having to log the same information twice in two different programs. QuickBooks Online has multiple features that can optimize your pet business. All small businesses need some sort of accounting software. We prefer Quickbooks Online as it manages the accounting side of your business like invoicing, payments, payroll, expenses and banking with ease. With our Quickbooks Online integration, you will save hours on your accounting, and you won’t require as much of your bookkeeper’s time! That alone would cover your ProPet subscription plus more. Our software automatically syncs your invoices and payments with Quickbooks Online to significantly reduce your time, or your bookkeeper’s time spent on redundant administrative tasks.



ProPet will save you time and money on more than just accounting. With our online booking feature, your clients can log in and book appointments right from their home, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. To make things even better, clients have the option to pay for their services online and make change requests. With your phone ringing less, you have fewer interruptions allowing you to be more productive. You don’t even have to think again about sending out a paper invoice. With our automation features, invoices, booking confirmations, reminders and thank you emails are delivered straight to your client’s email. Automation reduces the risk of human error and avoids the dreaded “I forgot to remind Susan about her upcoming appointment!” or, “Did I give Bruce a copy of his bill?”



ProPet is integrated with MailChimp to make your email marketing top-notch. MailChimp is an online marketing tool that will help you create and optimize your email content, which will encourage a long-lasting relationship with your clients. MailChimp helps you organize all of your email marketing material, and allows you to send emails, to the right people, at the right time. MailChimp allows you to send email campaigns to targeted audiences based on a handful of criteria to market your business more efficiently to existing customers. “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20%” – Marketing Metrics. MailChimp makes marketing to existing customers easy and allows you to track certain campaigns and gain insights on what works best for your pet business.



ProPet makes scheduling simple and easy to track for you and your clients. Our flexible scheduling system gives you a full overview of your kennel day-by-day, by the week or by the month. While making a booking, you will be able to automatically select the next available kennel based on a set of criteria, and avoids the process of trying to locate it by hand or overbooking. With the kennel view feature, you will be able to effortlessly drag and drop, and split reservations between different kennels during a pet’s stay. By having straightforward scheduling, you will be able to optimize your space, save some time, and increase your revenue.


Don’t just take our word on it. Here are a couple of ways our amazing clients have benefited from the switch to ProPet Software.

“ProPet has saved my team and I endless hours coordinating and booking clients. No more whiteboards for us!”

Lisa Marie Szaraz


Garden City Pets

“Everything I need it to do it does! So easy to navigate and my clients are finding it super easy to use. Cuts my admin time in half!”

Christine Egbert


Bark U

“I can’t choose just one thing that I like most about ProPet. I love how easy the program makes our daily tasks. We no longer have to make Confirmation Calls to remind customers about their dog’s stay with us – instead they now get email reminders. I also love how everything is in one place & customers can also access their account to see if they have bills to pay, book reservations, etc. We love ProPet!”

Theresa Windsperger


Bed and Bone Too

“The customers account and ability to update their information, send booking requests etc. It has taken away easily an hour of work each day for me entering bookings and customers.”

Milan Jackson


Dogworx Pet Ranch

“Have used other software. Love using ProPet it is like having a full time assistant. This software reduced my day by 2-3 hours.”

Wendy Forwell


Wag Pet Resort

“ProPet has turned my arduous and paper-heavy documentation into a quick and enjoyable task which I can even run from my mobile device!”

Jennifer Brunke



Are you ready to join the ProPet Pack to save time and money? If you love your pets as much as we do, now is your chance to spend some time with them! Sign up today to get your first month free!