There are no shortcuts to achieving social media success. Successful companies spend countless hours fine-tuning their social media strategies to reach their goals. Is your marketing successfully solving your customer’s problems? Are you unsure? There is lots of trial and error in social media marketing, which is why you must execute, monitor, analyze, adapt, and repeat.


The first step to updating your social media strategy is to do some spring cleaning to make sure your accounts are set up for success. Here are 13 tips to help you get started:



Stop posting content on social media just to post something. Meaningless content that is generic or boring will not engage your followers and might even annoy them. Don’t give your followers a reason to tune you out. Remember you are competing for their attention in their newsfeed. Stop posting junk. Stop with the spam. Stop with the sales. Create unique, engaging, entertaining, or educational content.


Don’t post the same old stuff as everyone else. Stand out. Be different.



Check which tools and apps have permission to access your accounts. You will be surprised at how many 3rd party apps have access to your accounts. We were!


Facebook: Login to your Facebook account and click on the arrow in the top right corner. Click on ‘Settings.’ On the left click on ‘Apps’ and you will now see a list of all apps that you are logged into with Facebook. Get cleaning.


Twitter: In Twitter, click on your ‘Settings and privacy’ then click on ‘Apps’ and you will see a list of all of the apps that you are logged into with your Twitter account.


Instagram: From a computer, log in to your Instagram account from any browser. Go to your Settings and click on ‘Authorized Apps’ for a list of software programs that you are connected to with your Instagram account.


If you have not used any of the connected tools/apps in 6 months, get rid of them.



Make sure that old employees do not still have access to your social media accounts once they leave your company. To check your Facebook Page, log in to your Page and click ‘Settings’ > ‘Page Roles’. Revoke access to anyone who should no longer have access to your page. For other social media accounts, it will be as easy as changing your passwords.



Do old employees have access to your passwords? When is the last time you changed your passwords? Is your password simple to guess? Do you use the same password for multiple different accounts? It is good practice to change your passwords frequently. Keep your passwords secure and keep unwanted users out. Try using unique passwords that are not easy to guess.


Worried about always forgetting your passwords? Use a program like 1Password to store all of your login information securely. Don’t share passwords with your employees that you use elsewhere. You are unintentionally giving them access to other application that uses the same password. That sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?



Make sure your logos and branding are up-to-date. Facebook and other social networks are always changing their image dimensions. Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your social media. Use this time to ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms.


Get your accounts verified. If your local dog daycare or kennel business does not have a grey verification badge then go to Settings under ‘General’ click ‘edit’ beside Page Verification you will then be able to submit your page for validation. Blue badges confirm that your business is authentic but is only necessary if you have an account that is often faked.



Do an audit of your social media accounts. If you have a Twitter account that hasn’t had a new post published since 2015, delete that account! It is worse to have an inactive social media account than none at all. An Inactive account can imply that you are no longer in business to prospective clients.



When was the last time you changed your cover photo on your Facebook or Twitter page? If it has been awhile, it is time for a refresh. It is spring, so try using a picture that embraces the upcoming season.



Most of you probably haven’t touched your social media descriptions since you first created your page. Make sure you update your business descriptions frequently to ensure that your contact information, address, email address, phone number, pricing etc… is still current.



Have you hit any major goals or reached new milestones? Let your audience know by adding these milestones to your Facebook Page. This will help increase the confidence and trust in your business.



Remove the clutter! It gets annoying when someone keeps following and unfollowing you on Instagram, don’t do that. Instead, remove any inactive profiles or spam accounts that don’t help your business. You want to connect with relevant people on social media so if accounts are not engaging with then unfollow them. Connect with the right people, don’t worry about your follower count.



Next, head on over to your website. Do a click check to make sure all of your social links are still current. Remove any old or inactive accounts that you are promoting on your website and add any new ones! Make sure they are all working properly and aren’t leading visitors to dead ends or broken links.



Make sure your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected. It is important to switch your Instagram account to a business account for many reasons including the ability to add contact information and access their essential analytics.



Check your analytics. How are your social accounts doing? What type of posts are generating the most engagement? Are your social media channels generating you leads? These stats will help you determine which content your followers find most engaging so you can continue to create conversations.


Spring is a perfect time sit down to re-assess your social media strategy and tidy up your kennel or dog daycare’s online presence. Is your social media presence out-of-date? Are you creating meaningful content for your customers and prospective customers? It might seem overwhelming at first, but start by checking off a few of these tasks, and you will be on your way. Even tackling a few of these is better than nothing.


Have you started your social media Spring cleaning? Do you have any other tips or tricks on how to freshen up your pet business’ social media? Let us know in the comments below!