We love listening to your feedback and suggestions for new features, and this one was a long time coming because we wanted to perfect it for our customers. But, we now have report cards that every customer has access to. This feature will allow your customers and employees know how little Max did in daycare today, or how Foxy behaved during her well deserved ‘Spa Day’.

It is now possible to add report cards for each schedulable service. You can create and customize a report card for each service type (Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Training and Standalone services).





1. You are able to add photos of the stay to each different report card.

2. For Grooming, training and standalone services, the number of generated report cards depends on the number of schedulable services. E.g. Two training sessions within a reservation will generate two training report cards.

3. You are able to customize the size of the print, the size of the headings and the colour of the headings.

4. You are able to see your report cards directly on the confirmation page of the reservation, on the day summary reports or as a menu item within the customer’s profile.

5. You are able to create different templates to be sent when letting your customers know their report card is ready.

6. For daycare you are able to include the names and breeds of the “buddies” for the day.

7. You are able to add custom questions and headings to be included and answered within your report card. E.g. Yes/No, Short Text, Long Text, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, etc.

8. You are able to add three different grading systems, A to F, 0 – 100% and Emoticons!

You can start customizing your report cards by going into: Settings> Report Cards. Have any questions? Send us a message through the “help” button on the left corner of your screen.

You can watch the overview here: Report Cards