Our Customer Spotlight for the month of March comes from the picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia. A-1 Boarding Kennels, owned by Paul and Lexie Furer, has been caring for pets since the mid 1980’s and comes recommended by the local community and veterinarians. We were so grateful to be able to chat with Lexie on what she loves about the pet industry and how ProPet Software has helped her business to grow.


ProPet: Why did you get into the pet business?  

Lexie: When an opportunity presented itself to us in 2003, to not just be able to change career paths but also work with animals at the same time, we jumped at the chance. Always being pet/animal lovers and owners, purchasing a kennel seemed the perfect fit for us and our four children.


ProPet: What is the most fulfilling part of your day?

Lexie: Being able to progressively learn ‘dog and cat psychology’ with a complete sense of humour; it’s an ongoing adventure always full of great learning opportunities. And over time, watching the pups and kittens grow through the years into seniors, it is a true blessing to have the opportunity to share in our customer’s pet’s lives.


ProPet: What is your favourite part of each day?

Lexie: The rewarding part[s] of our days are caught up in the little things that happen all day long.  A kitten learning the ways of the cat trees, playing with the leaves on the outdoor patio.  An unsocialized dog gaining the courage to interact with others.  Watching the activities in the field as they chase bubbles and play tug-o-war.  A senior cat stretching in the afternoon sunshine, enjoying a soft brushing.  A puppy having its first bath and ride on the grooming table. The contentment of each of them in the evenings as they all settle in with their treats, ready for a great night’s sleep.


ProPet: What are some challenges that you face?

Lexie: We made it our initial challenge to be able provide an atmosphere where we could both understand and relieve our customers’ concerns.  At A-1 Boarding Kennels, we are proud to report that diversity is our speciality! We strive to [reassure] our customers that the idea that their furry friend doesn’t have what it takes or that his/her personal needs are too complicated to be met is not an issue for us.  We readily and lovingly care for dogs and cats of all ages, sizes, breeds, temperaments, dietary concerns, physical abilities and levels of health.  Our geriatric pack are some of our most rewarding endeavors.

Our reputation has been built on the ability to continue to meet this goal.  And knowing that people feel very comfortable leaving their pets with us, especially during what can often be a stressful time – be it work travel, emergency or even just planned holidays; the animals come in happy and leave happy!


ProPet: What has ProPet changed about the way that you run your business?

Lexie: ProPet Software has completely reinvented the way we work with our customers; furry and human alike. The ProPet system has helped us be able to quickly and easily access owner and pet information, which is especially helpful during peak times. We have cut down from multiple processing to a one step entry, and having all the details, notes and info available quickly has nicely become a reality.  And all this with very little learning curve across all our staff!  Our customers have loved being able to access their own profiles, update pet info, add their own photos, and be able to request a reservation with us without having to call, no matter what the hour. Using ProPet has freed up more time to spend with the animals – what more could we ask for!  Thank you ProPet!


We love hearing that we can help businesses to become closer with their customers and free up more time to do what they really love-spend time with the animals! Thank-you for taking the time to chat with us Lexie! Customers like A-1 Boarding really show us how fortunate we are to work in this industry!


Do you think that ProPet Software could be a good fit for your business? Take a look at our demo video below!