This month’s customer spotlight comes from the beautiful and scenic expanses of Australia. Sydney Pet Resort, located in the surroundings of Londonderry, offers free range boarding and daycare where your dog can enjoy playtime on grassy, shady playgrounds, as well as relaxing downtime with plenty of fun human interaction. We took a few minutes to catch up with the owner Monique about a typical day at Sydney Pet Resort, as well as how ProPet has helped her to manage her business more efficiently. Read on to check it out!


ProPet: Why did you get into the pet business?  

Monique: I’ve always had a natural love & passion for animals, growing up with all different animals. I was the girl who brought my dog to school for show & tell & included a demonstration on my horse for a university assignment! I worked part time at a boarding kennel & the dogs were locked inside all day & night except for about 15 minutes where they could go outside. I wanted to offer owners an alternative to this common style of boarding with a more homely environment, so decided to create a free range style of boarding where dogs can enjoy access to inside & outside in a grass playground all day & can play, sunbake & enjoy the outdoors with friends of similar size & temperament along with one of our loving carers.


ProPet: What is the most fulfilling part of your day?

Monique: Watching the dogs honestly having a really fun & enjoyable time with other dogs & seeing the new visitors come out of their shells & relax & enjoy their stay, we know we have done our job well when the dogs are happy & relaxed.


ProPet: What is your favourite part of each day?

Monique: Every day is enjoyable in many ways, whether it’s interacting with the dogs at play time, watching them happily laze around in the sun after morning play time or bathing & blow drying them before they leave & seeing the owners faces light up at how clean & fluffy their baby is on departure! This is not the sort of business you could run if you really don’t love what you do.


ProPet: What are some challenges that you face?

Monique: One of our biggest challenges is that our business grew very quickly & we need to expand so we’re looking into some exciting options for the future! Also being a business that runs 365 days a year, I realised that I can’t do everything myself, I would often work 3 or 4 months straight without a day off, now the business has grown & I have a wonderful team of dedicated & passionate staff & we work well together to achieve the goals of business.


ProPet: What has ProPet changed about the way that you run your business?

Monique: ProPet has been life-changing for our business in so many ways, I’ve tested almost every single kennel software program on the market across 18 months & not one had everything that I was looking for until I found ProPet. It saves around 30-40% of administration time for staff & management & therefore saving the business considerable money. It’s simple & logical to use and best of all, the owners absolutely love being able to manage their own bookings from start to finish. In this technological era, it’s the only way to go!


Thanks Monique! We love the fact that you are so passionate about your business and the pets that stay with you. The great experiences that take place at Sydney Pet Resort really shine through the beautiful gallery photos on your website! We absolutely loved touching base with you and look forward to a lasting relationship with you, your staff, and your business.