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Setting up Retail

‘Settings’ > ‘Retail’ > ‘Categories’: Create as many Categories and sub-categories as you would like. You can use these to organize by type of product, brand etc..

retail  module setup

‘Settings’ > ‘Retail’ > ‘Products’: Once you have created your categories, you can now add your products to ProPet. Once you add a new product, you will be able to decide which category you would like the product assigned to. Your customer will then be able to search by product and sort by category. On the admin side, you will be able to sort by product name or by barcode number.

Retail Products

To add a new product click on ‘Add New Product’

Add New Product

Name: Add the name of the product.

Description: Add a description of the product.

Barcode: Enter the barcode of the product. This number is searchable from the retail module search box.

Price: Add the price of the item. Price is based on one (1) item.

Cost: Add the cost you paid for the item. This will help manage the profits you are making from your retail products.

Applicable taxes: Check if you would like to charge tax on your product.

Tax included in base price: Decide if tax is included in the base price or in addition to the base price.

Image: Upload an image of the product.

Applies to: Choose which of your products will be available as add-ons to service reservations/appointments.

This product comes in different versions: If your product comes in different sizes or flavours, for example, you will be able to add the price and barcode. (The first item you add a ‘version’ of will pull the barcode from the main ‘barcode’)

Rules: Select rules for products. Add rules to manage the availability of products to your customers. Rules include: Extended Stay, New customer, date range, has purchase product of and Customer Color Code. 

‘Settings’ > ‘Retail’ > ‘Inventory’: Once you have added all of your products to ProPet. You can input your inventory levels.

Retail Inventory

You are able to set unlimited inventory or a specific amount. By clicking the number under the ‘Inventory’ header, you can adjust your inventory levels.

Inventory Control

View your inventory log to track customer purchases for each item and adjustments.

Inventory Log

‘Settings’ > ‘Retail’ > ‘Processing Status Options’: Create custom processing status questions. These work similar to the ‘Pending Booking Options’ that are used in ProPet

processing status options

Online Booking Options for Retail

online booking retail

‘Settings’ > ‘General Settings’ > ‘Online Booking Options

  • Choose if your customers are able to purchase retail items online from their account.
  • Maximum days in advance:
    • This setting limits the maximum number of days in advance that your customer can book when booking online.
    • You can set different limits for each service category
    • This setting does not affect bookings created or edited by staff.
    • Customers attempting to book too far in advance receive an appropriate message.
    • Leave blank to not have any limit on advance booking.
  • Minimum days in advance

Customer Portal

Your clients will be able to purchase items online directly from their account. There will be a new ‘Shop Online’ button for easy access to your online store. These purchases will be sent to your admin portal like your bookings for you to process and fill the order.

retail customer portal

Your clients will be able to add retail items to boarding, daycare, training, grooming and standalone requests by clicking ‘Add Retail’ once they submit their request.

buy online retail customer portal


Admin Portal

Registered customers: To create an invoice for just retail items, click ‘Book Now’ from the customers profiles and click ‘Retail’.

To add retail items to a service reservation, go to the ‘Booking Request’ page that you wish to add retail items to and click the ‘Add Retail’ button at the top of the booking.

Retail admin portal

You will be able to search your inventory or barcode scan the items your customer wishes to purchase. When you scan the barcode, it will be automatically added to their reservation or when you click ‘Add to Order’ button.

Scan Products

Walk-ins: Create a customer in ProPet named ‘Walk-In Customer’ or whatever you prefer. Move your curser to the box that says – “Click here and scan or type barcode and press ‘enter’” Here you will be able to quickly add items to an invoice for any in-store purchases that aren’t associated with a reservation.

walk in retail order

You can then print the invoice or email it directly to them for their records.

pending retail order

Retail Reporting: Retail Order

Track your retail orders from the Retail Orders report.

retail reporting