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Setting up your rates

To set up your rates as “Pooled availability”

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on “rates”
  3. Click on the service type you wish to set
  4. Click on “edit” by the rate you wish to be considered as “Pooled Availability”
  5. Under Scheduling mode set the rate as “Pooled Availibility+Date Picker” or “Date Picker+Pooled Avalibility+Staff Filter”pooled availability setup
  6. Save

Setting up your users

To set up the availability of your users:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on user management
  3. Click on “edit” by the user you wish to set pooled availability to
  4. Click on the Services Tab

pooled availability users

  1. Click on the “Regular Work Hours” tab to set the work hours, to your staff member’s work hours.

(For example: If between small, medium and large dog grooms your employee can do a maximum of 7hrs of “work”, then set your employees’ total work hours to total 7 hours)


Setting up your Drop Off times

You can choose the different drop off times your customers are able to choose from by:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on [Grooming/Training/standalone] options
  3. Click on “edit preferred entry times” (this option is only available if at least one rate from this service type is set as “pooled availability”).
  4. From the Grid Choose the Entry times your customers are able to choose from

pooled entry times


  • For Holidays or days with special schedules, you are able to override these entry times by clicking “Add Override”
  • For the Pool   types, it is recommended to set the grooming options to “customer sees Start Time Only” (Customers will only be able to see the start time on their reminders and invoices)

pooled availability settings