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Our integration with MailChimp works by generating a campaign on MailChimp with your chosen customers. To connect your MailChimp account to ProPet:

Connect MailChimp

Once your MailChimp account has been created, you will be able to get your API key(This is like the communication bridge between ProPet and Mailchimp)following these instructions:

  1. Go to your ProPet account
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on “MailChimp” under “Online Integrations”
  4. Click on the “Connect to MailChimp Tab”
  5. Enter your API key and click “Connect” (Your ProPet Customer will start uploading into MailChimp, this may take several minutes)
  6. Once your Connection is completed, you will get the following validation:

Pushing customers to Mailchimp

You are now ready to start sending bulk email campaigns using MailChimp.


To Create and Send a MailChimp Campaign:

In MailChimp:

create and send campaign in mailchimp

Choose the type of template you wish to create (A notice, Seasonal Promo, Announcement, etc.), choose the elements you wish to have in these types of notice and add different elements such as your logo. Once your template is created, go to ProPet

In ProPet:

1. Click on the Campaign Tab:  

campaign tab

  1. Click “Create MailChimp Campaign”
  2. Enter the different fields, select your Template, the email you wish to send this campaign from
  3. Select your targeted audience you can choose between All customers, A list of customers by date range, by service (e.g. Boarding customers with a service between May 2018 and Sep 2018)

Mailchimp and ProPet Software

  1. Click “Save MailChimp Campaign”


In MailChimp:

  1. Click on your Campaign Tabs
  2. Select your recently created campaign
  3. Verify the information, the list, and edit the template/information if needed
  4. Choose if you wish to send the message, scheduled it or send it!