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  • How do I allow/prevent users to modify check in and check outs for boarding and daycare?

This new user permission allows you to prevent your staff from undoing check-ins, checkouts, changing check out times and changing initials for boarding and daycare. 

By denying access to modifying check-in/outs for the staff, they will no longer be able to make any changes to these check-in/out services, except for yourself.

By allowing access to your staff, they will be able to modify or reverse the check-in/out times for these services,


Step 1: User management

  1. Go to settings
  2. Under administration, select “user management”
  3. Select the role(s) that you would like to edit


Step 2: Modifying user permissions

  1. Scroll down to “bookings”
  2. Then, select “yes” or “no” for the permission “can reverse or modify the check-in/out time of the boarding and daycare bookings”