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How to Use Text Messaging Feature: The text messaging feature allows for one on one communication between you and your customers on their mobile devices. It allows for you to send customized texts but also confirmation, reminder, and thank you texts Under the Text Messaging Template (Settings > Templates > Text Messaging Templates)

What this feature allows you to do: This page allows you to customize your texts and create an electronic signature. This page also allows you to set which bookings (boarding, daycare, service) you would like confirmation texts sent for. For example, currently, there are no confirmation texts being sent for boarding and daycare confirmations. The only texts that would currently be sent out would be for “services” which are standalone services and add-ons but, currently, you do not have any standalone services. On this page, you can also customize the confirmation message that will be sent out. 


The Reminder/Thank You Texts page: (Settings > Templates > Reminder/Thank You Texts), you will see a summary of the settings for current text messages (as pictured below). It displays a couple of lines from the text, the service it applies to, the days in advance to send thank you/reminder, as well as the time you would like the text to automatically be sent out for. This page allows you to add new Reminder and Thank you texts, and also allows you to edit your message and formatting.



Adding/editing a text message: If you would like to add a new message you would click the grey button with the plus icon that reads ” Add New Reminder/Thank You Text”. If you would like to edit an existing text you would select Edit (written in blue). 

Whether you are adding or editing a text message, you will see the same fields to fill out. You are able to create texts that apply to a specific service and time of day to send it. The only difference between a reminder and a thank you text is that: a reminder text is meant to be sent out a couple of days prior to booking, whereas the thank you text is sent out after a booking is complete (as pictured below). 


Sending personalized text messages: The text messaging feature also allows you to send personalized text messages to your customers. If you search and enter a customer’s profile, you can send them a text by selecting the text bubble in the top right corner of their profile (pictured below). This will generate a screen indicating that you are sending a text message to the customer’s name. On this screen you would need to manually type in the customer’s number; however, it will be saved for future interactions so you don’t have to constantly type it in.